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Our Story


Firstly, why the name? a'qto (pronounced 'a-cue-tow') means intense or acute in Italian. Inspired by European road racing, a'qto reflects the intensity and passion that is European cycling. There is a magic and history to European cycling that we wanted to wash over in what we bring to the world of cycling. The spirit and romance is something we are unashamedly attracted to.

a’qto was created by founder Damian Hancock because it is the manifestation of the two greatest passions in his life - cycling and design. As with many great brands, the inspiration began with a vision to create a lifestyle brand for cyclists. A brand that harnesses the history and culture of cycling and recognises that for many, cycling is more than a sport - it's an identity, a lifestyle, a community.

a’qto – riding a different ride

Our take on the spirit of cycling is unique. We see our role as providing cycling apparel as an expression of self. We may be inspired by the romance of European road racing, but we live or die by the individual design ethos we seek to bring to cycling. In a sport that is seemingly awash with riding kits that are a blur of colour and sponsor logos, where everyone looks the same, we wish to ride a different ride. Through imaginative design we wish to celebrate the individual who powers the machine

a’qto design – always different, never predictable

It therefore makes sense that given a’qto is born out of a passion for design, limited editions rule. Designs that continue to evolve a fresh take on the world of cycling and those who make it up. Designs that are never one dimensional but imaginatively fuse inspiration from the arts, fashion, architecture, industry, engineering and life itself. A different take on colour palettes, patterns and hero elements. Always different, never predictable, but stylish to the core.

expressing your identity – the a’qto rider

a’qto is deliberately individual in its design. To don an a’qto kit means you are happy to declare to the world that you are not like everyone else in the world. It means you embrace design as an expression of your identity. It is about seeking something a little different, but never in your face. It is embracing a look in what you wear that is as defining as what you ride.


Custom team design – cycling kit and casual wear

a’qto embraces the same individual mindset for team kits and casual wear. Unique designs that are inspired by what binds teams, what reflects the character and origins of teams. Every team is different, and every team kit should be different. We believe team kit should be a creative expression of the spirit of that team.

a'qto designs and produces both high performance ride kit and casual gear for corporate organisations, cycling events, clubs, charity rides and teams.

This means, regardless of the design elements, our apparel will always deliver on quality, durability and comfort - performance is non-negotiable.

The one common denominator is the absolute celebration of cycling. For teams, or individuals, a’qto’s purpose in life is to give cyclists the permission and means to express their identity in a manner that is considered and different. It is about the individual and if it fits with who you are, we look forward to one ‘hellava ride’ together.

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