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Glove Review in Ride Magazine #54

A’qto Retro
An adventure in hand-wear and so much more than a name… Each time these gloves are worn, another facet of their rich history reveals itself, tales of the open road in all its glory and tragedy. But these fine examples of knitted mesh and leather are more than just a nod to the aesthetics of legends from another era – Gimondi, Poulidor, Ocaña and, of course, Eddy himself. Naturally their inspiration lives on, for how could one forget the path these slaves of the road paved for future generations? Slip these on and the memories surge.
Ah yes, that lovely leathery palm reminds one of a brief stop-over in Tashkent while trekking the old Silk Road. The locals had taken exception to our team’s traditional garb, insisting a macramé-backed construction would be the more appropriate option for the remainder of our journey. One never argues with a posse of horsemen armed with sharpened buffalo femurs. The Yellow River beckoned and, with its call, a realisation that J. Peterman would be there to meet us, no doubt approving of our new choice in hand-wear.