A’QTO is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Cabrini Foundation with the donation of 2 spots on our Tour of Tuscany 2020, valued at $12,000, to be auctioned at a ‘sold out’ Gala Ball in Melbourne on Saturday 27th April 2019.

As the important link between Cabrini Health, one of Australia’s pre-eminent healthcare providers, its donors, supporters and the community, the Cabrini Foundation oversees all fundraising activity and is an organisation we at A’QTO have a lot of respect for.  So when we were approached by Paul and Rose Spano, passionate founders of Cabrini Italians of Melbourne and strong supporters of the Cabrini Foundation, to sponsor a major fundraising drive for Cabrini Health Melbourne’s new, world leading oncology wing at its hospital in Melbourne, we welcomed the opportunity.

While there’s the obvious alignment of promoting cycling and good health, and being proud to be associated with giving to one of Australia’s top private hospitals for cancer and heart health, what really aligned for us were the values of Cabrini – and how these values of compassion, hope, courage and respect are being lived daily by the team at Cabrini Italians of Melbourne and the Cabrini Foundation.

As patients of Cabrini, Paul and Rose Spano founded Cabrini Italians of Melbourne in 2018. It is the culmination of their passion for Cabrini, and their desire to give back for the support they have received, and while doing so, meaningfully re-engage the wider Italian Community of Melbourne to support Cabrini through a better understanding of its history, purpose and work.

Cabrini was founded in the late 1800’s by Mother Cabrini or St Francis Xavier Cabrini, the patron saint of immigrants, who over 25 years, zealously founded a total of 67 schools, hospitals and orphanages across 3 continents, dedicating her life to immigrants and ensuring their access to health and educational support in their new home countries. The story of Cabrini Melbourne began in 1948 through the dedication of 10 missionary sisters who laid the foundations for what the hospital is today. As an Australian, born to Italian immigrant parents, the dedication and values of Cabrini, which are still lived through every aspect of its hospitals and staff today, are close to Nancy’s heart. In fact, most of Nancy’s family were born there and it’s an institution with long history in the De Losa family.

Together, A’QTO Founders, Damian and Nancy are extremely proud to have established a partnership with Cabrini Italians of Melbourne in support of Cabrini Health, an institution, which today continues to be inspired by the spirit and vision of its founder and goes from strength to strength as a leading provider of healthcare to all Australians, including immigrants.

If you would like to support Cabrini and help spread the word of the great work and values lived by its staff today, purchase a raffle ticket here for your chance to win a Mercedes Benz GLA 180 or contact Cabrini Foundation at [email protected] to be a part of the auction for 2 spots on A’QTO Tour of Tuscany 2020.