Damian’s Top 5 List for Santa

Many colour steel bikes at the L'Eroica market

All of the festive cheer, messages and images of Christmas around us at the moment got me thinking about the multitudes of mail sent to Santa at the “north pole” each year, and what my 2018 list to him will include.

Bikes, bikes and more bikes………

You all know the conversation about how many bikes you should own….. n+1.
At any rate, bikes for me are a passion, an addiction and possibly an obsession, depending on who I am talking to…. but I digress.

My list to Santa in 2018 would look like this.

Dear Santa,

May I please have any and all of the following, and in a size 57 top tube (I would take a 56 as well).

A Marastoni Marco bicycles

1. Marco Marastoni
I love the Marastoni not just because he was a revered frame builder, but also because every Marco Marastoni was made in honour of his son Marco, who died.

A Blue Patelli Super Corsa

2. 1984 Patelli Super Corsa
I like the Patelli because he was an innovative frame builder in his time, he and his brothers worked and collaborated together and I love their logo.

A blue Paletti Meteor bicycle Frame

3. Paletti Meteor
I love the look of this frame for its crimped Oria tubing and superb painting.

a silver Cinelli Supercorsa

4. Cinelli Super Corsa
I like the simple elegance and history of the Cinelli Super Corsa.

A stelbel Rodano

5. Stelbel Rodano
I would like a Stelbel Rodano because they are beautifully balanced bikes that climb well and descend better, and it can be custom made for me.

Grazie Santa,


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