Congratulations to the 10 winners of our Favourite Aussies Rides competition who all contributed some fantastic stories of their favourite rides.  We’ll be sharing these with you over the coming weeks as we take you on a road trip across Australia, with some great rides through National Parks, up Mountains and along Coastal Roads…..not to mention the rides that bring out the joy of sharing cycling with the people closest to us.Here’s the first in our series – a poetic experience from the “Chairman” – sharing the love of riding up Mt Donna Buang.

My Favourite Ride is “The Great Lady”.  Its in Victoria.  Up Donna Buang.You start at the Launching Place Hotel and ride up the Warburton Highway towards her.  From the outset you can see her looming.  She is beautiful.  A seductive temptress beckoning you on up the highway.  As you get closer you can see her full pulchritude and you start to gain a sense of the way she dominates everything.  Then you finally turn off the Warby Highway and start to engage with her.  No matter how well things are going she will discipline you.  She is no push over.  And when things go badly she will make you pay a price for her affection.  It can be cold.  It can be hot. It can be romantic.  It can be passionless and make you wonder why you are there.  But once you have been with Donna Buang she will become your muse.  You will want to go back again and again to experience her in all her moods. And nothing will compare.