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Formigli Custom Cycles Handcrafted in Florence

A’QTO is proud to be the Australian dealer for Formigli Custom Cycles. On first meeting Renzo Formigli in his shop in Florence in 2015, we knew that there was a partnership in the making.

Renzo’s undying passion and commitment to keeping the art of handcrafted Italian bicycle frames alive, makes him one of Italy’s select few remaining master frame builders.

His craft is beautiful. His energy and passion, contagious. His frames a pure joy to ride.

Join us in celebrating the beauty and tradition of Italian handcrafted bicycle frames, and the experience of pure enjoyment that comes with riding a Formigli.

Renzo Formigli

From a young age, Renzo Formigli was surrounded by bicycles and the thrill of racing. Raised in a family of semi-professional cyclists, at age eight, he told his mother that when he grew up, he would build bicycles.

Renzo’s career path was set when he met Cino Cinelli at age 21. Cinelli saw something in Renzo and began to teach him the secrets of a master craftsman, including the step-by-step process of handcrafting steel racing frames.

In 1990, Renzo created Formigli Cycles in Florence and over 26 years, has perfected the art of custom frames. Carbon, steel or aluminium, each Formigli frame is one of a kind.


The Art of Custom

Old masters of Italian Frame Building considered the teaching of their craft to hand picked apprentices as important as the legacy of their art. They would take apprentice frame builders into their shops and pour decades of knowledge into them.

With the advent of carbon fibre, master frame builders saw the beginning of their end. Resin and molding replaced brazing and mitering, and a century’s hard won knowledge was in danger of being squandered.

Despite cycling’s obsessive desire to push mass production, a few shops have kept the flame of the master frame builder alive. Formigli is one such shop.


Hand Crafted Bike Frames

Renzo learned his craft with steel. He still makes a range of steel and aluminium bicycles, but today he also focuses on applying the art and skill of the master frame builder to carbon fibre.

His hands-on approach allows him to create complete custom bikes from cutting edge materials. Every frame Renzo designs and makes is custom crafted by hand with Italian materials, made 100% in Italy.

Formigli builds every frame with a tube-to-tube construction process. This allows for the creation of a custom frame based on each individual’s specific body measurements, and the use of superior carbon that varies in layers and composition.