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The Iris

Our stiffest highest performance frame we make for women. Our customers tell us that they hadn’t expected that a made-to-measure custom frame would work so much better: ride so smoothly and confidently, jump so enthusiastically.

Somehow, thanks to Renzo Formigli’s magic, an Iris will resist power-sapping flex while still smoothing the worst road surfaces. An Iris will respond to power inputs instantly and effectively, and corner like nothing you’ve ever ridden.

Frame: High modulus carbon.  Proprietary Formigli tubes designed and manufactured in Florence.

Build Time: 60 business days from order confirmation

Frame Price from: $5700.00 USD

Deposit to start the build process: $500.00 USD



Frame Material – High modulus carbon. Proprietary Formigli tubes designed and manufactured in Florence.

Carbon fabric constitution  – 6 layers + 3k cross weave -the upper, visible layer

Laminate  – Layered unidirectional and bidirectional oriented 12kResin: Epoxy Fiber:Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Fabric: Preimpregnated fabric yarn (long fiber) molded with a vacuum sealing technique and chemically bonded 120°c. Engineered and manufactured for Formigli in Italy

Carbon fabric constitution  – Tensile Strength:220 Kgmmg

Modulus Elasticity  – 38,000 Kgmmg

Head Tube – Integrated head tube 1? 1/8 top  – 1?1/2 bottom

Headset  – Integrated headset 1? 1/8 top  – 1?1/2 bottom  45°.  Included with purchase of frame set.

Fork  – Integrated fork  with upper base 1? 1/8 – lower base 1?1/2

Seat post  – Non integrated. Aerodynamic seatpost included with purchase. Painted to match frame, no additional charge.

Front Derailleur  – Braze on

Dropouts material  – Carbon Drops

Bottom bracket  – Press Fit 86.5 x 41

Optional Electronic shifting  – Di2 or EPS ready for additional cost. Prepared for both electronic and mechanical. Electronic: battery optional inside seat post.

Cables – Internally or externally routed

Top tube  – Sloping

Size  – Made to order custom for each customer, we have no stock frames

Paint  – 4 Colors options

Finish  – Matte or glossy

Paint options  –Custom paint scheme available, charge will apply.  Custom decal options available, additional charge will apply.

Brakes  –Disc brake option available with modified fork


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