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Custom cycling kit personally designed for your group

Design is important to us but most importantly, we believe that your cycling kit design is about you.

That’s why our process for creating custom cycling clothing is personalised for you.

A’QTO head designer, Damian Hancock is the founder of A’QTO, an avid cyclist and most of all a skilled artist. He leads with strong design and understands the need for you to be a part of the design process. He’ll work with you to custom design a team kit that reflects your group’s individuality and style, making you look and feel great on the road.


Providing the most personalised service possible, our designer gets to know you and your team, the things you like about your current cycling jerseys and/or full kits, and the things you don’t. Or if this is your first team kit, then we will work with you to obtain reference material, ideas and generate initial concepts to form the basis of our first discussion.

We guarantee you’ll love being led by a skilled designer who knows what works with team cycling kits, and being part of the process to create a unique team kit that is guaranteed to be exactly what your group is looking for.

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