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  • The Great Escape in the Otways

    We arrived down to the Apollo Bay area on Friday and were greeted by a strong southerly breeze and a sensational 'show' that the ocean was putting on with beautiful big waves crashing onto the rocks, just outside our ocean front accommodation.
    The weather leading up to this Weekend Escape had been cold and wet, however [...]

  • Contract Season in the Pro Ranks

    By Brenton Jones
    July – October. It’s the time of year where riders are in the peak of their discussions in the search for a contract to sign. While for others, they can simply continue on with their work, safe for another year.
    Pro cycling is a hard battle. It’s not always an easy ride especially with [...]

  • The Chamois. Thick or Thin, Which is Best?

    Our ultimate goal is always to find ways to make the many hours we spend on the bike as comfortable as possible. We use a handful of highly regarded partners to help us achieve this.
    Hot off the press from the good people at Elastic Interface who supply us with world leading chamois for your shorts [...]

  • L'Eroica 2016

    We arrived in Gaiole in Chianti with our group on the Monday before L'eroica with the intention of getting everyone into the spirit of the event, and also to allow some time to get used to the vintage bikes and the white roads.  For all who joined us for our tour, this was their first [...]

  • Join us at the Carlton Italian Festa - Sunday 23rd October 2016

    If you’re a cyclist with a passion for all things Italian and Cycling, join us for a great day out at the Carlton Italian Festa.
    Celebrating the history and tradition of Italian cycling, we’re leading an inaugural Vintage Bike Ride that will see you ride a 40km loop around Melbourne on a vintage bike and/or wearing [...]

  • Our Top 5 highlights of Milan and Parma

    Our first week in Italy has seen us have a big focus on the gastronomy, style and traditions of Italian products that we all know and love, so we thought we’d share our top 5 highlights below.
    1. Parmigiano Reggiano Factory Tour.  Our No. 1 highlight so far for so many reasons. As we watched and learned [...]

  • Bici e Gusti:  Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

    We arrived in to Daylesford to still and very cool conditions.  We knew this was going to be another great weekend filled spectacular riding and fantastic food
    As guests arrived, the prosecco started to flow and people began to unwind from their drive and preceding work week.
    Our Friday night dinner is a casual affair with pasta [...]

  • Tour du Limousin

    Returning to Europe and pinning on the numbers again was a nice feeling. It’d been a while since I lined up alongside my Drapac teammates so I was keen to get some racing intensity back into the legs.
    The French racing is always hard. It’s the best I’ve experienced and with everyone out to win their race [...]

  • Noosa Strade Bianche: When plans don’t go to plan.

    As you know, it’s been a cold winter in Melbourne ….so when the opportunity to head north into the Queensland sunshine to ride the Noosa Strade Bianche popped up, we thought this would be a welcome change.
    The Noosa Strade Bianche (NSB) is in its 7th year and is a ride that honours the famous L’Eroica [...]

  • Altitude Training: When Small Gains Matter

    Having heard so much about Altitude training but never experiencing it, I was looking forward to seeing whether I would become a responder or a non-responder to this type of training.
    Most athletes head to the European mountains for their altitude blocks, but there was only one option for me to replicate this and gain similar [...]

  • The Health Benefits of Cycling Travel

    Here we are at the half way mark of another Winter, and if you’re like me, it’s starting to become a little hard to take…particularly when the amazing summer scenery of the TDF is in front of you each day.  So if you’re feeling the same way, it might be time to think about organising [...]

  • The Talk of the Tour

    With the Tour, and really European racing overall, there is a vernacular that is used by riders and commentators alike, that can at times be confusing for those who don't know it.  I’m sure you are asked as many times as I am during the Tour, what they all mean. 
    The likes of A bloc, Autobus, Bonk and Rouler may seem [...]

  • Noosa Strade Bianche: 13-14th August 2016

    We are off to Noosa soon to escape the cold (not soon enough though) and to indulge in something close to my heart….the Strade Bianche.
    There is something magical about being on a road bike on gravel; the quiet surrounds, with only the sound of your tyres crunching the loose gravel, as you roll along and [...]

  • The Technology of the Cycling Sock

    A pair of cycling socks is no longer something you simply put on your feet to cover them. Today, you can find cycling socks that are deodorizing, antibacterial, moisture wicking, moisturizing, promoting blood circulation and much more.
    In the past socks were knitted by hand and as with everything, eventually machines were made to speed up [...]

  • Brenton Jones: Success in Asia

    By Brenton Jones
    Arguably the biggest Asian UCI race on the pro-circuit, the 2.1 Tour of Korea was definitely one of the best races I’ve been apart of and with a 160-page race handbook (the biggest I’ve ever seen before), the detail on every feature of the tour was impressive.
    Our objective was to target stage wins [...]


    Aperitivo is one of our favourite things about being in Italy.  Whether it’s in a bar or piazza, or being hosted at home with friends, the ritual of a pre-dinner drink which is meant to allow time to socialise and relax after work, and ‘open the palate’ before dinner, is one that we are big [...]

  • A Ride to Open Up Your Heart 

    Bici e Gusti - Indigo Valley
    Blessed with some sensational and unseasonal warm weather in the high country of Victoria, last weekend saw our latest Bici e Gusti adventure take place in the Indigo Valley, and what a weekend it was.
    As guests started to arrive from 5pm on Friday, Italian spuntini and drinks were shared around [...]

  • RideWest: To Ride with Meaning

    Last week I again had the privilege to ride from Brisbane to Longreach as part of RideWest, a Charity Bike Ride which raises money for the Royal Flying Doctors and the mental health programs that they run in the bush.
    From a ride perspective, it was fantastic. I got to ride with my dad for 7 [...]

  • Living in Europe like a PRO by Brenton Jones

    Having accomplished my first professional racing block in Europe, I feel that the experience I have now gained will only benefit my future aspirations both in and out of the cycling world.
    Living away from the comfort of home, with no family or close friends to call upon can be daunting, but add to that the [...]

  • Norwood CC: our newest Club Partner steeped in history, tradition and success

    Last weekend, we were proud to launch the club kit of our newest club partner, Norwood CC in Adelaide.
    Established in 1883, Norwood is the oldest cycling club in the Southern Hemisphere and when you go to their Club Rooms in Stepney, this history is all on display with amazing old school wares, jerseys, photos and [...]


    In the cycling clothing industry, we are bombarded with the word ‘quality’ every day.  Everyone, everywhere saying what they do is “quality”.
    But how do you determine quality?
    Is there a test or an ISO standard to meet?  What are the measures of quality when it comes to cycling clothing?
    We have been talking to one of our [...]

  • 48 STATES - 48 DAYS - 48 BIKES

    We have been following the story of Italian ultra-cyclist, Paola Gianotti and we are pleased to be getting behind her next project.
    Paola Gianotti is not just any ultra-cyclist. She’s a kind natured woman of great humanity, generosity and above all a true professional cyclist: she’s won the Guinness World Record in 2014 for having circled [...]

  • Ravioli con Tre Formaggi e Pancetta

    Ravioli con Tre Formaggi e Pancetta
    Serves 6
    300g plain flour, preferably Italian type 00
    plus extra for dusting
    3 eggs lightly beaten
    100g Ricotta cheese
    1 egg lightly beaten
    2 tablespoons of finely chopped flat leaf parsley
    100g Parmesan Cheese, freshly grated plus extra for serving
    100g pancetta
    100g semi hard cheese diced
    Tomato Sauce
    700ml bottle of passata
    2 garlic cloves finely chopped
    1 tablespoon Olive oil
    4 [...]

  • Dye Sublimation Printing for Cycling Clothing 

    Dye Sublimation printing is a printing method that uses heat sensitive inks.
    The designs are initially printed on coated transfer paper as a reverse image of the final design, which is then transferred onto polyester fabrics in a heat press operation. Polyester is a plastic so under high temperature and pressure, it begins to melt, allowing [...]

  • The Aero Road Bike

    AERO bikes has exploded in popularity over the past few years. It has been promoted from an exclusive, professional-only piece of equipment to a mainstream option for cyclists. What’s more, as their popularity grows, their quality - and more importantly, their speed - continues to improve. With manufacturers offering up some awesome designs that are [...]

  • Understanding breathability of cycling long sleeve jerseys and jackets

    When buying cycling jackets and long sleeve jerseys, it’s important to think about what is most important to you and find a garment with a balance, of warmth, wind blocking, water-proofness and high breathability.
    Breathability is the ability of a fabric to allow moisture vapour to pass through it, not, as the term might imply, as [...]

  • Moisture Wicking

    What does it mean and how can I test how well my jersey wicks sweat away?
    Moisture Wicking as a definition is to “absorb or draw off (liquid) by capillary action", and moisture wicking fabric is a term most commonly associated with performance and technical style apparel, most often used in athletic activity. It is defined [...]

  • Fit, Feel and Stretch: Every body is different.

    We all have different expectations and tolerances of what we require from a kit.
    One option is not better than the other, it just comes down to personal preference, and at the end of the day, your individual comfort on the bike
    When it comes to fabric, there is a great variety to choose from.  So, how [...]

  • Bici e Gusti – Gippsland Ride Weekend

    Last weekend, I had the pleasure of joining the A’qto Bici e Gusti cycling group for their weekend of picturesque rides and delicious food, including local produce from Gippsland’s finest and some tasty homemade pasta.
    The weekend of riding took riders through the heart of the Gippsland Strzelecki Ranges, along the historic Grand Ridge Road and [...]

  • A zipper will never make a garment, But it can break a garment.

    When buying a cycling jersey or jacket, there are many things to look at…. fit, style, designs, fabric, the extra embellishments but today, we are going to look at zippers.
    It’s an easy one to overlook but an element that can cause annoyance down the track or render a garment unwearable if it fails.
    There are more [...]

  • Racing the crosswinds of Qatar

    Arriving in Qatar I was expecting warm and humid conditions, but was a little relieved when I saw the forecast for our week of racing confirm temperatures in the mid-20’s - a comfortable racing temperature indeed!
    Away from residential and developed sceneries, the Qatar landscape is quite bare with desert occupying the majority of the view [...]

  • What’s the perfect chamois?

    We are often asked a lot of questions about different chamois and what’s best, good, or not so good and why.  So we thought we’d share our thoughts.
    There is no such thing as the one perfect chamois for all, because, as cyclists and as people, we’re all so different. From our position on the bike [...]

  • A day with Diamond Cycle Tours at the TDU

    While over in Adelaide for the TDU, I had the pleasure of a day’s riding with Antony and Rob from Diamond Cycle Tours.
    I was looking forward to seeing how the day would unfold, with 30 riders to look after.
    As with a lot of rides, it all started with a coffee… for some it was a [...]

  • The 200k Alpine Classic at age 13

    After two weeks on the road at the TDU and then across to the Alpine Classic in Bright, the most impressive effort I saw was not the Pro’s flying up the hills in 40 degree heat (although that was still impressive) but it was two thirteen year old boys who rode 200k’s in the hills [...]

  • Off-season > Pre-season: a great start to 2016

    As a Professional Cyclist, allowing yourself to really relax, unwind and not worry too much about what you eat everyday is a rare occasion, well, that’s how I see it anyway.
    The off-season is not only about resting your tired legs, of course that’s the main reason, obviously, but there are other objectives to an off-season [...]

  • What's on My #bikebucketlist for 2016.

    January has to be my favourite month. Our city is effectively deserted for two weeks which makes it the perfect time to stay home, and with the hustle and expectation of Christmas over, you're just left with long, hot days to while away the hours and enjoy the abundance of good food that summer has [...]

  • Mrs A'qto, My first ride...

    As I sat at my desk with the 'pre-Xmas small business stresses' happening all around me, a text message came through. A message from a friend whom I have not seen much of over the past few years, but with whom I’ve always shared a special bond. She was texting about wanting to buy our [...]

  • My year as a Neo-Pro

    I liken my first season as a neo-pro to that of an apprentice, because before anything else, you must learn and develop. From racing in Turkey against the world’s best sprinters and lead-out trains, to Belgium where I got first-hand experience at the Kermesse races, my year has included everything I would have wanted it [...]

  • Belgium Racing

    Lining up in my first ever Belgium Kermesse, I was excited to get amongst the racing which I had heard so much about. JALA
    Belgium is an amazing place to race, not just for the competition but also for the festivals that accompany every amateur and pro race.
    In Belgium, cycling is a huge spectator sport and [...]

  • Gran Fondo Roma: Climbs, Cobblestones & the Colosseum

    The weather forecast for Sunday was to be free of rain and only overcast with some areas of sunshine, however as my head hit the pillow, I could still hear the steady stream of rain falling.
    I awoke well before the alarm. I couldn’t hear any rain and I hadn’t checked outside, so was hoping for [...]

  • L’Eroica - 2015

    I was lucky enough to be drawn out of the ballot for an entry in L'Eroica again this year.
    I was up before the 4.15 alarm.  Slowly getting dressed and ensuring that I’m prepared for what is about to unfold.
    We stayed 3k away from the start line, at the top of a hill, so after a [...]

  • A ride to Roubaix

    As a cyclist, there’s not much to dislike about living in Belgium.
    With the endless training loops on both cobbled roads and narrow concreted roads, the riding is picturesque and very enjoyable.
    You rarely have to embark on a main road, so the traffic is non-existent and a peaceful country road is exactly what you get.
    Growing up [...]

  • My Favourite Ride: The Four-Gorges, Sydney

    As the name suggests, the ‘harbour city’ is blessed with one of the world’s more spectacular waterways. But while swimmers, sailors and fishermen might rejoice at this resource, for cyclists the harbour itself holds little in the way of practical attraction.
    That is not to say the incredible vistas of Port Jackson are beyond us; in [...]

  • Bici e Gusti #3: Dirt Roads, Challenging Climbs, Amazing Daylesford Produce

    Our third Bici e Gusti experience took us into the spectacular Daylesford - Macedon Ranges region of Victoria.

    Dirt roads and climbing ‘the ramp’
    Our departure point was Bacchus March and it didn’t take too many kilometres before we started climbing, and then only one more km until our first section of dirt.
    This was was shaping up [...]

  • The Father & Son Cyclists.

    My riding started when I was 12, with Dad and few of his mates. The memories of laughter and banter amongst them, and of being looked after out on the roads, have always stayed with me.
    To this day, I really enjoy a ride with Dad.  Having the chance to ride RideWest together over the last [...]

  • All in a day: Prudential Ride London - 200km of tough racing

    Flying over to the UK for a one day race is a long way to go, but this trip was a little bit different from others.
    Joining me on the flight to London was my family, coming over to support the team and I as we took on the 200km Prudential Ride London, and also to [...]

  • The Everest of Sporting Challenges: 1 year, 130 events, 30 sports.

    Thursday August 6 marked the beginning of my AndyOlympics. Over one year I will compete in 130 events across thirty sports. I will try my hand at such competitions as the 10km open water swim, the 50km race walk, the 230km Grafton to Inverell road race, the Sydney Marathon and the omnium on the velodrome [...]

  • How to perfect the chilly morning routine and cycling kit layering techniques

    The winter months might be falling away like a sprinter on an alpine climb, but for those of us still making the early morning pilgrimage to the bunch ride, we are under no illusions that dawn still brings with it a chilly bite.
    With this bite comes not only a logistical challenge to ensure you don’t [...]

  • MHD. The ride of life.

    The cool air was being sucked in through my mouth and nose, and I could feel it rushing into my lungs, causing my chest to rise. The expelled breath was warm as it blasted out, and my chest flattened before this life sustaining cycle started again.
    As I rise rhythmically out of the seat, I concentrate [...]

  • Team Time Trial: The Special Dynamic

    Every July, upon switching on the Tour de France, the spectating public is greeted by the statement “cycling is the truest example of a team sport”. It is a comment that confounds and confuses the wider sporting community; how can the outcome of an athletic pursuit that pushes the bounds of an individual’s own physical [...]

  • The Saturday long lunch

    Growing up in an Italian family, Saturday afternoons were a special time.  After our regular weekly food shop which took us to a range of fruit and veg shops, delis, butchers and bakeries to find the best of every ingredient, our home was opened up to family….aunts, cousins, our nonna and nonno, friends…anyone who was [...]

  • Tour de France: Cobbles, Crosswinds and Crashes

    The year was 1903, and as the Wright Brothers journeyed beyond the clouds from the humble beginnings of a bicycle shop, it seemed only fitting that cycling’s greatest spectacle, should embark upon its own journey towards startling heights.
    Heading the daring venture was Géo Lefèvre, a journalist of L’Auto Magazine, who with the assistance of editor [...]

  • Cycling in Belgium: #adifferentride

    By Chris Mason
    This #adifferentride adventure started by sheer luck in Italy - a few days to thaw out in Milan after the start of the Melbourne winter and to get used to the Euro time zone. After some latte laps of the Duomo and a quick spin down a quiet canal in Milan, I was [...]

  • Bici e Gusti - A Riding & Food Adventure in the King Valley

    An early departure from Melbourne saw us arrive into a sleepy Euroa on a really cold, misty morning.
    The anticipation in the group was building and our ride prep was in full swing. Tyres were being pumped, bottles filled, bars adjusted, jackets on and a couple of coffees and sausage rolls from the local bakery were consumed [...]

  • Why is ‘Made in Italy’ better?

    ‘Made in Italy’ is better
    Why? Because ‘Made in Italy’ is a globally recognised stamp of excellence for cyclists when selecting apparel. And for good reason.
    Each year we travel to Italy to meet with suppliers and businesses in the cycling industry. From fabric innovators who are intelligently combining a range of materials for optimum performance, to [...]

  • 31st Philly Bike Race: great cycling memories at the biggest one-day race in the US

    By Brenton Jones
    I’ve never been to America before, but after experiencing the U.S. lifestyle for one week, I’ll definitely be going back!
    The travel may have been a little longer than usual, with the journey taking us a total of 43hrs from door to door, but it was worth it for the experience and memories of [...]

  • The adventure: a shift in the way we ride...

    It appears there is a shift happening in the way we ride.
    A need to get off the beaten track, to find the road less travelled….
    Has it always been this way?  It feels as though with more and more people coming into the sport, and roads becoming more congested, now more than ever before, we long to get away.  To [...]

  • An Incredible Racing Adventure: Turkey / Azebaijan / Japan

    By Brenton Jones
    My life is certainly an exciting adventure. For most of the year, I travel the world racing my bike and experiencing different cultures.
    Whilst away on my recent trip with Drapac Professional Cycling, I had the opportunity to race in three different countries - Turkey, Azerbaijan and Japan.
    The UCI 2.HC Tour of Turkey was [...]

  • The Giro d'Italia: Why it's the purist's choice.

    As the remnants of an Australian dominated first week fade slowly into the past, I took the time to reflect on the Giro and its closing stages, trying to ascertain once and for all why it is ‘the purist’s choice’.
    Noted as ‘the world’s most beautiful race’, the Giro traverses Italy’s hypnotic highlands and rolls alongside [...]

  • A Stage Win in Japan: Congrats Brenton Jones

    We were rapt to hear the news on Monday morning that Brenton Jones had a first stage win in the opening Prologue of the Tour of Japan.
    It was a great first win for Brenton in 2015 and a huge confidence boost as he shaved time from his race there last year.
    Direct from Japan as he [...]

  • A Weekend of Riding, Foraging and Feasting in the Country

    Blazing Autumn trees, quiet roads and produce in abundance.  Could there be a better place in late Autumn than Beechworth? This was our choice for our first video shoot.
    We set out at day break on Saturday morning to the first location, all decked out in our new winter gear.  It was thick with mist and fog, the [...]

  • Seasons of Change

    “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heave”. (The Byrds)
     We’re moving into the next season of riding. Long hot rides are now only memories, tan lines are slowly fading and the days are getting shorter. In their place are arm-warmers and other pieces of winter gear, rescued [...]

  • Mortirolo - An Icon of the Dolomites

    Stage 16 of the Giro will see the "Queen Climb of Europe” taking centre stage and it's sure to play a significant role in who'll be wearing the maglia rosa at the end of the day and Tour.
    The 11.8km climb is one of the toughest and steepest used in professional racing. It has an average gradient of 10.9%, several sectors are [...]

  • A’qto featured in My Entrepreneur Magazine

    Creating a rich, authentic culture should be at the heart of any start-up. Jonathan Jackson speaks with Damian and Nancy Hancock about how they have built a genuine Italian lifestyle experience into their A’qto brand of clothing.
    It’s that love for what you do that usually propels you towards success; an ingrained passion that drives you [...]

  • Paris - Roubaix: A reflection

    As I struggled out of bed on Monday morning, suffering from an acute case of cobble induced sleep deprivation, I asked myself whether it was really worth it, and more importantly, why did this ‘Hell of the North’ mesmerise so many?
    Barbaric and brutal, the ‘Queen of the Classics’ is a race like no other. Weighing [...]

  • Bici e Gusti: An adventure on and off the bike

    Recreating the experience of riding in Italy was the topic of conversation on one of my post mid-week, total darkness rides with my good mate Chris. Chris is a kindred soul who loves bikes and food in equal quantities.
    Our conversation covered riding over new terrain, challenging roads and the good food and wine that can [...]

  • My first experience of racing in Italy: by Brenton Jones

    Arriving in Italy with Drapac Pro Cycling, I was eager to go out and explore what great training this country has to offer. 
    Shortly after arriving at our team base, the Australian Institute of Sport’s European Training Center, I went exploring on the bike with some of my teammates, finding some great training roads with amazing [...]

  • Supporting the development of Australia’s emerging cycling talent

    A’qto is enjoying being an active part of the Australian NRS racing development scene.  Our partnerships with both the Swiss Wellness Cycling Team and the SUVelo Women’s and Men’s Race Teams stem from the belief that it is with these teams, we can provide the greatest support and value.
    The high cost of entry to NRS [...]

  • There is a Story Everywhere

    I should make that, there is a cycling story everywhere.
    Last week, I was working away when a courier driver knocked on the door. At that particular moment, I had samples and design reference everywhere.
    He asked what I was doing and I told him.
    I asked him whether he rides and this started a whole conversation.
    He now [...]

  • A Passengers View: SUVelo Racing at Cadel's Women's Road Race

    Through our sponsorship of the SUVelo women’s race team, I had the opportunity to sit in the team car and follow the race from the convoy. It was really interesting to see and hear what actually happens behind the scenes and from a different perspective.
    The team had 4 riders, Gina Ricardo, Stephanie Lord , Josephine [...]

  • Ride a Different Ride

    A different ride.
    The pre-dawn light was just breaking the thick fog. The world was muted with colours and even the sound deadened. The gentle buzz of the front tyre as it floated across the bitumen and my rhythmical breathing seemed enhanced and the beautiful warble of the magpies gave the morning a distinctly Australian feel.
    The [...]

  • My first month as a PRO Team Cyclist: by Brenton Jones

    It has been great watching Brenton make his official start as a PRO Cyclist over the past month so we asked him to share some of his experiences as he's stepped into the ranks with his new team, Drapac Professional Cycling.
    We hope you enjoy this and other stories that will be coming your way this [...]

  • SUVelo Women’s Racing: Kicking off 2015 in style in new A’qto kit at the Santos Women’s Cup at TDU.

    A’qto is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the SUVelo Women’s Racing Team for the next 3 years.
    Kicking off its 2015 NRS year in style, the SUVelo Women’s Race Team will be kitted out in A’qto quality, comfort and style for the first time at the Santos Women’s Cup this Sunday 19th January in Adelaide.
    Fielding a four [...]

  • Ride a Different Ride

    What does it mean? Why do I ride?
    Why do I do anything I do?
    I do it because I love it.
    I want to and I need to.
    I ride for the space.
    In an increasingly complicated and crowded world, it is becoming harder and harder to find space and solitude.
    Cycling, it's my more active form [...]

  • A domestique deluxe, is on the rivet, riding up Stelvio

    Today we've released 3 new t-shirt designs, inspired by a few things that I love about our beautiful sport, awesome climbs in awesome countries, pushing yourself to your absolute limit and the camaraderie on the road.
    I came close to riding Stelvio last year but the persistent snow and unseasonal cold weather not only forced a day of [...]

  • SUVelo chooses A’qto for 3 Year Club Kit and Off the Bike Clothing Partnership

    Sydney Uni Velo Club recently launched its new 2015 Club Uniforms and 3 Year Partnership with A’qto to its 395 members.
    Following a very professional tendering process which started with eight respondents and was then down to a short list of five compliant bidders who presented their best offers, A’qto was selected in late August by the [...]

  • Cycling Tips and Bunch Riding

    Recently we had the privilege of Brenton Jones leading a Skills Session for our Melbourne Business Network Cycling Bunch around Albert Park Lake in Melbourne.
    The Bunch included some experienced and also some less experienced riders but regardless of level, all got a lot out of it.  Brenton’s tips and leadership were great so we asked [...]

  • The Warrandyte Loop, Victoria. A Ride of Tranquility

    Clip in at the Bakery and head up the hill(s) to St.Andrews. Turn left and meander to Cottles Bridge and hang a right toward Strathewen.
    Turn around at the school and return to Arthurs Creek and via Nutfield to Hurstbridge. On to Wattle Glenn and turn left up the hill to Kangaroo Ground and back to [...]

  • Favourite Aussie Ride: The Cotter/Uriarra Loop, a true Canberra Adventure

    The awesome description of this ride from Andy Collins definitely makes you want to pack your bags, head to Canberra and ‘’join the adventure’'. Thanks Andy!
    The Cotter/Uriarra Loop in Canberra
    A simple 40km loop that has everything:

    A nice rolling downhill towards the Cotter to start things off,
    A damn big shiny new dam to look at as [...]

  • L'eroica: The Beauty of Riding

    Gaiole in Chinati, Toscana, Italia
    L'eroica. This is really about the beauty of riding.
    Initially started with 97 riders as a protest some ten years ago about the old dirt roads of the region being paved, it is now capped at 5000 riders of which only 1000 are non-Italians, and the majority having to be part of a [...]

  • Development of an Elite Cyclist

    Throughout my cycling career, I’ve had many ups and downs. The way I look at it, my career is like riding a roller coaster, blind folded.
    That’s not a bad thing at all, but you just never know what’s around the corner and you need to prepare for any situation, good or bad.
    Very few athletes get [...]

  • Top 7 Great Ocean Road Rides, Victoria

    In the spirit of Amy's Gran Fondo at Lorne this weekend, here's a wrap up of our top 7 favourite Great Ocean Road rides.  Whether you're heading down to the Gran Fondo this September or travelling down to the Great Ocean Road for a break, check out some of these great rides.
    1. Great Ocean Road [...]

  • From Eurobike with Love

    Here are a few of the beautiful things from Eurobike that will hopefully make it into our hot little hands in 2015.

  • Inspiration is all around

    I stumbled across this cool piece of creative while walking around Melbourne.
    It's hard not to be inspired.
    Just need to work out how to get that onto a t-shirt.

  • Melbourne Business Network hits the Media

    It was great to see the Melbourne Business Network featured in an article in The Australian Newspaper - Professional section last Saturday.  You can read the full article below or go to


  • A’qto Cycling Club – behind the design

    This week, we launched the a’qto Cycling Club – an enhanced loyalty program that sees our loyal customers receive points for every dollar they spend, plus special gifts and offers at various stages on their journey.
    One very special gift for customers who become eligible is the gift of an originally etched a’qto Cycling Club t-shirt.  [...]

  • Why cycling is a winner for business networking

    As we rolled out for our weekly Melbourne Business Network Cycling Bunch Ride along Beach Rd last Wednesday morning, something quite profound occurred to us about why cycling is such a winner when it comes to business networking.
    We are often asked the question.  Why is that businesses and professionals are turning to cycling in droves [...]

  • Winning

    It is with great pleasure to be writing my first blog for A’qto Cycling and after my recent successes at the National Road Series, Tour of the Great South Coast, I’m thrilled to share my winning experience.
    “One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should [...]

  • Revealed: Life behind the scenes of emerging pro cyclist - Brenton Jones

    A’qto is very proud to announce its sponsorship of elite cyclist, Brenton Jones.
    Racing with continental team Avanti Pro Cycling, Brenton is currently in the leading ranks of the 2014 Australian National Road Series (NRS) and has his sights squarely set on joining the ProTour.
    As Brenton’s casual apparel sponsor, A’qto will supply Brenton with an extensive [...]

  • Achilles problems anyone?

    Recently a'qto had the privilege of having Liane Wild, Remedial Massage Therapist, on tour with us at RideWest for 7 days.  Given the large number of incidences of Achilles pain on tour and Liane’s extensive experience with cycling injury and treatment, we asked Liane to contribute her professional opinion of the situation with the article [...]

  • What's in Store

    Good design has been the driver behind the a’qto product range since starting out in 2007.  It is no coincidence either.  As an artist and designer, Founder Damian Hancock, brought together his two great loves – cycling and art & design.
    After 7 great years, Damian is more inspired than ever to take the a’qto product [...]

  • Melbourne Cyclists talk Bikes, Bunches and Business

    Last night saw the successful launch of the Melbourne Business Network (MBN) Cycling Bunch at the Metropolitan Hotel in Melbourne.
    With a French inspired, TDF celebratory theme, the 40 plus guests were treated to a great night of conversation, food, wine and cycling while hearing from Cr Cathy Oke about the importance of cycling to the City of Melbourne’s [...]

  • Enjoy Our Favourite Aussie Rides

    Enjoy Our Favourite Aussie Rides

    Congratulations to the 10 winners of our Favourite Aussies Rides competition who all contributed some fantastic stories of their favourite rides.  We'll be sharing these with you over the coming weeks as we take you on a road trip across Australia, with some great rides through National Parks, up Mountains and [...]

  • 1237km's into the Outback....done and dusted.

    1237km's over 7 days into Outback Queensland.  The challenge was set.
    Raising the awareness of men's mental health and funds for the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service), the third RideWest Charity Bike Ride finished last Friday in Longreach in the highest of spirits.
    22 riders from diverse backgrounds and riding calibres took on the huge challenge from Brisbane to Longreach [...]

  • Ace 250 – Mt Hotham Dawn Patrol

    January 26, Bright VIC, 4am. It is black. It is cold. Mt Hotham, Falls Creek, Tawonga Gap. Anticipation has hit unbelievable heights as the ACE-250 riders await the send-off. The world of natural beauty and physical pain are about to intersect on a grand scale. Read more 
  • a’qto: proud to be the major event partner of RideWest 2014

    Ride West is a boutique charity bike ride that aims to raise funds and help raise the awareness for men’s mental health in Australia.
    Since 2009, when founder Les Hancock was touched by the alarming figures associated with male suicide in outback Queensland, Ride West and its associated corporate sponsors, riders and event partners, has raised [...]

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  • Top Cycling Tip #1

  • Mark Renshaw - 2012 Year in review.

    The 2012 season has now finished and as we are already looking to 2013. I thought it would be good to do a small wrap up on the last half of the year. Before the Tour de France I launched the Renshaw Racing

    Riding the Northern Beaches of Sydney
    One of the nicest rides in Sydney has to be from Manly heading into Kurringai National Park, out to west head and then home via Akuna Bay. It's amazing to be able to have such quiet roads and beautiful scenery at your door step. The descent down McCarrs Creek Road, back to [...]


    Here's a sneak peek from me about my life off the bike and a little bit about my lead up to the tour.
    1. What does your dream finish at the Tour de France 2012 look like?
    I am dreaming to finish the tour with a win in the final stage to Paris, Winning on the Champs [...]

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