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Non Riding Partners – Italian Cycling Tours

Join us for an unforgettable cultural adventure

A’qto welcomes non-riding partners on all Italian cycling holidays.

We believe in the value of shared experiences and recognise that for many a tour of Italy is often a shared dream. We encourage non-riders to join their cyclist partners on A’qto’s Australia and Italy bicycle holidays, and offer tailored off-the-bike itineraries.

Our accommodating travel programs are designed to ensure cyclists and non-riding partners alike are afforded enriching experiences, and shared enjoyment of A’qto’s authentic Italian hospitality and cultural immersion.

Sightseeing & City Tours

Day trips to beautiful neighbouring towns, historic small cities and ‘must-see’ sights, always forms part of our tours.

Whether it’s a day trip to Siena to enjoy a street tour led by a local, a simple and authentic lunch, and of course a couple of hours of shopping, or a half day trip to the spectacular Brolio Castle followed by lunch, or wandering the streets of gorgeous hilltop towns in Tuscany, Piemonte or the Veneto, these local travel and sight-seeing experiences make for a fun adventure.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are often one one of the experiences requested by guests, and not always just the non-riders.

We partner with a range of cooking schools across Tuscany, Piemonte, Veneto and the various regions in which we stay, to deliver authentic, local and fun cooking experiences. Just make sure you have room to eat what you cook, following your 3-4 hour class and enjoy the vino along the way!

Food & Market Tours

Often it’s not about the cooking, but learning about the produce or visiting food markets, that is appealing to guests with a ‘foodie’ interest.

Whether it’s discovering the food of Florence with a walking tour, wandering through the ancient Rialto fish markets in Venice followed by a cicchetti tasting, or walking through the Chianti, Barbaresco or Prosecco vines while enjoying food, olive oil and wine tastings along the journey, we can make it happen.

Hiking & Walking

If you love to walk, we’ll have some amazing experiences lined up.

Whether its hiking in the spectacular Dolomites, taking in the mountain air of the Italian Alps or enjoying guided walks through the stunning rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany, Piemonte or the Prosecco region of the Veneto, just bring your runners or hiking shoes and we’ll arrange the rest.

Thermal Baths & Spa Treatments

A bit of self-care and pampering perhaps?

Often in the regions we stay, there are natural hot thermal springs or established spa houses with incredible views across the mountains or nature parks in which they are hidden. Wherever they are, bathing and/or having a massage or treatment in nature, always makes for a relaxing half day out.

Truffle Hunting

If you’re travelling with us in the Italian Autumn/Winter Truffle Season (September-November) and you would like to venture beyond the table to do an exciting tour through the Tuscan or Piemonte woods to learn where, when and how to hunt for truffles, a wonderful local experience with a truffle hunter and his dog awaits.


Shopping in Italy is always high on the agenda.

If a half day trip to a designer outlet fashion centre is something you’d like to experience, this is possible on our Tuscany tours.  The outskirts of Florence provide the most alluring shopping destinations and versatility with affordable upmarket goods and brands;

Going Along For The Ride

Often non-riding partners like to go along for the ride in our support vehicle for a day to enjoy the spectacular scenery and be right there behind the riding group as they push every pedal stroke up some incredible climbs or watch the Pro’s come over a Mountain Pass in the Dolomites or the Alps, as part of the Giro.

Being able to experience what the riders experience in a day, can be a lot of fun.


You really made my non-riding experience a joy

What an amazing time I had in Italy. As a non-riding partner I really didn’t know how my holiday was going to turn out….as it happened, my expectations were well and truly exceeded.

The activities you arranged were just fantastic. I would never organise these things for myself and they just opened me up to different experiences.
Nancy, you really made my non-riding experience a joy.

Lydia J-P

I want to assure all non riding partners you’ll have a fantastic time

My husband Michael and I went on the A’qto Giro Tour. It was part of a five week holiday in Europe, and it was by far the best part of our trip.

I initially thought I would meet Michael after the tour, until I found out I could participate as a non rider.

I want to reassure all non riding partners, you can go on a bike riding holiday and have a fantastic time.

Mary F
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