Ride the challenge. Discover the reward.

Experience the magic of Italy with our immersive cycling tours

For us, the magic of riding in Italy is all about the challenge and reward. You get to test yourself on Italy’s most exhilarating climbs and descents, while immersing yourself in the most authentic of Italian hospitality.

Best of Sicily

30th April to 10th May 2024


Puglia Cycling Tour

2nd to 10th September 2024


Tuscany Cycling Tour

8th to 16th June 2024


L’Eroica & Tuscany Cycling Tour

29th September – 7th October 2024


Piemonte Cycling Tour & Le Tour

24th June to 3rd July 2024


Giro d’Italia Cycling Tour

18th May to 26th May 2024


Como, Stelvio & Dolomites Cycling Tour

10th July to 18th July 2024





10th – 19th May 2025

Our Sicily cycling tour is a true adventure; a feast for your senses where every day delivers unexpected vistas, a journey through the distinctive and diverse food and wine cultures of the island, a multitude of unique southern Italian tastes and a level of interaction with the locals that only Sicily’s distinct and warm, open-hearted people offer.



We specialise in Italian cycling holidays because we have a deep appreciation for Italy’s riding, food and wine culture, and know how to package it into an immersive and authentic experience for our guests.
We personally design every ride route, hand-pick every hotel, villa, trattoria and osteria, and host each of our bike tours so that we share with you the pure joy of Italy as we see and live it.


Our road cycling holidays in Italy are born out of an affinity with the spirit of Italian riding and lifestyle. We specialise in hosting immersive Italian cycling tours for serious, recreational cyclists as well as crafting active and authentic travel experiences for non-rider partners.


Our reward is when guests enjoy an unforgettable experience of our bike tours of Italy; of riding the quiet back roads and achieving the big climbs, of venturing into the heart of local communities and feeling immersed in life, Italian style. With more than 40% of our guests returning year on year, we share the same fulfilment that our guests do.



Loved it, loved it, loved it. A’qto is a class act. I was a rider and my wife a non-rider on the Como, Stelvio, Dolomites tour. We both enjoyed the experience immensely. A relief for me that the non-rider activity was as well organised and run as the rides. Every venue – the hotels, restaurants and evening locations for aperitivo were beautiful and a credit to Damian and Nancy who hand selected them all. It really was a luxury riding holiday that I would recommend to everyone.
Dom D
Como Stelvio & Dolomites
10 days of challenging cycling across Sicily was a fantastic experience made even better by the care and attention Damian and Nancy took to ensure that we stayed in great accommodation and enjoyed a fine range of Sicilian food and wine. The logistics and cycling guides were outstanding and Damian has worked out some really interesting cycling routes that kept us off the busier roads and took us to some wonderful rural places and hidden towns and cities. The trip was physically challenging with 10 days of riding culminating with a ride up Mt. Etna; a good level of fitness is required and so the more pre-ride training the more enjoyable this tour is.
John C
The Best of Sicily
Our A’qto Tuscany experience was superb. Pursuing our passions of cycling, hiking, food, wine and all things Italian both separately and shared together made for a rich and memorable tour. The details set it apart – Damien’s meticulous, safe, fun, challenging and spectacular cycling routes; Nancy’s passion for culture, humour and sense of adventure; and their joint, uncompromising approach to quality (particularly food and wine!) – no stone was left unturned. This was a trip of a lifetime, and hopefully the first of many with A’qto!”
Penny & Anthony
The Tour of Tuscany
We have just completed our cycling tour of Puglia with Damian and Nancy. Wow! We are already looking at another trip with A’qto for 2023. Damian and Nancy are masters of hospitality; friendly and inclusive, their choices in accommodation, food and wine were stunning and varied. The simple and interesting explanations accompanying these choices were appreciated and value added to the experience. The riding while challenging at times gave us a true insight into the Puglia region. Damien gave detailed briefings at the beginning of each day and somehow kept us all together by coffee and lunch stops. Being a riding couple it was great to have a fairly equal gender mix on tour. All up 5 ★
Kate and Brad
The Tour of Puglia
An unforgettable Italian cycling tour of Tuscany should be on top of every rider’s bike bucket list. It is more than picture-perfect. Rolling hills, free-flowing descents and mesmerizing landscapes at every turn. And post-ride, a different sort of magic plays out. The food and wine take centre stage, and the whole experience becomes an indulgent delight. What’s not to love about cycling tours that unlock the magic of Tuscany?


Discover the delight of our tailored bike tours of Italy, where every detail is curated to deliver an unforgettable and joyous Italian experience.

Our philosophy is that with challenge, you find reward. All of our trips are designed for cyclists and are physically challenging, but some more so than others. From an Italy perspective, the Giro d’Italia and Como, Stelvio & Dolomites tours are generally our most challenging, with L’Eroica and our Tour of Tuscany less demanding overall, and Puglia our easiest tour. On all of our trips, our guides encourage and support riders to step up to their own challenge and go slightly beyond their usual level of riding. Each individual trip is rated for difficulty and to help you decide if it’s right for you, please talk to us anytime.

When you’re riding with A’QTO, you’ll always have at least one ride guide on the road with the group, and most often, there will be two guides. To manage varying levels of fitness, we often break into two groups with a guide leading each small group. There will also be support vehicle, complete with a tool kit and spare parts not far away – usually closely behind the group and sometimes in a very nearby town. Your guides and support staff will be able to help you out with ride food and drink, as well as local knowledge, and first aid if you need it. They’ll do everything they can to keep you and your bike on the road but, if for any reason you need it, there will always be a seat in the support vehicle.
es, you can either rent or buy a bike through us in Italy. For all of our tours, we have access to a range of quality carbon hire bikes and for L’Eroica, we can also arrange very good quality steel vintage bikes for rent. If you would like to rent a bike, please let us know when you book so we can guarantee the right size is available. Please also send us your fit measurements, so our bike suppliers and support staff can set up the bike for you, ready for the start of your trip. If you’re renting a bike, you need to remember to bring your helmet, pedals and saddle to your trip start. If you would like to buy a bike in Italy, we can assist with custom made carbon or steel frame bikes by Stelbel, master custom frame builders in Italy with whom we partner. To have a custom-made bike made available for pick-up when you’re in Italy, we require 12 months notice to facilitate your bike build. If you would like to buy a Steel Vintage Bike for L’Eroica, we have a very trusted source whom we recommend highly. Talk to us when booking.

We believe accommodation is a significant factor in your overall enjoyment of a trip so we always ensure high quality accommodation is included, with your own private bathroom guaranteed.

Depending on the locations, we stay in very good quality three-star-chalets or villas, through to small boutique hotels and sometimes, grand five-star hotels. We like to also have access to a kitchen / outdoor cooking facilities where possible so that we can entertain our guests with a blend of home-cooked dinner parties, often co-hosted with our hosts, and using beautiful local produce, alongside dining in a range of superb restaurants.

All of our trips include the option of some off-the-bike activities as we believe a big part of the enjoyment of a trip is to experience and appreciate the local areas we stay in, as well as riding across their amazing terrain. From wine tastings to must see sights and local cultural experiences, to exploring the villages and towns we are in, we like to include options for you to explore should you choose to. On all tours, you will often have free time post-ride and your choice of activity can often also include massages and visiting wellness centres, therapeutic pools and saunas in and around our accommodation.

Absolutely. A trip to Italy can be made all the more special by having your non-riding partner join you. During the booking process, we encourage non-riding guests to speak to us about their interests. We devise a program for the non-riding group that is diverse, active and reflective of the places we visit. Whilst we aim to include varying and/or specific interests, this is not always possible. Non-riding guests generally enjoy a range of organized activities which can include spectacular walks and hikes, cooking classes and cheese, chocolate or olive oil appreciation, exploring towns, shopping and sightseeing (guided and unguided), and enjoying being part of a group with other non-riding guests.


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