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Over the past decade, A’qto has evolved beyond the brand’s initial focus on designing and producing quality Italian cycling and leisure apparel, into a boutique tour operator run by founders Damian Hancock and Nancy De Losa.

Beginning with local Australian cycling tours, since 2015 A’qto’s offering has grown to include an extensive selection of high-quality Italian cycling tours and holidays. The immersive tours deliver truly authentic local experiences, with A’qto’s hosts facilitating both guided and self-guided cycling tours, traditional Italian hospitality, and an array of off-the-bike activities for cyclists and non-cycling partners alike.

With tour group sizes limited to 14 guests, comprehensive ride support and an inclusive non-riding partner program available, A’qto’s tours guarantee a smooth and enriching experience of Italy behind the tourist curtain, both on and off the bike.

Damian Hancock

A’qto Founder, Damian Hancock’s riding philosophy is rooted in the challenge and reward of the experience; for him the ride is a journey best shared with like-minded cyclists. An experienced ride group leader, Damian’s attentive and supportive approach prioritises the inclusion and enjoyment of his guests. Damian’s passion for shared experiences on the bike, extends to his appreciation and love of the inclusiveness and depth of Italian culture. A talented cook, and lover of tradition and technique, Damian’s hospitality and generosity on tour is underpinned by his meticulous attention to detail.

A true aficionado of all things steel, of an evening you’ll find Damian enthusiastically extolling the virtues of vintage steel and retelling the stories of the ‘golden age’ of Italian cycling over an aperitivo, or two.

Nancy De Losa

Born to Italian parents, who emigrated to Australia in the 1950s, A’qto co-founder Nancy’s upbringing and values were informed by the best of both cultures. A born communicator and hostess, she has an intimate understanding of true Italian hospitality, and is fluent in the language. As a non-cyclist, Nancy’s time on tour is squarely devoted to the enjoyment of her guests, hosting atmospheric evening aperitivo hours, indulgent dinners, and facilitating enriching off-the-bike activities. Her inherent connection to Italy – its culture and traditions – has filtered into a deep appreciation for the country’s rich and romantic cycling history.

Like any good Italian hostess, Nancy is abundantly generous with her time – and conversation!

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