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Handmade in Italy since 1973

Welcome to Stelbel. A World of Innovation.

Founded by Stelio Belletti in 1973, Stelbel is a brand that was born out of innovation. Today it is a highly respected Italian custom bicycle brand that carries on the tradition of designing and handcrafting high-end steel and titanium bicycles.

The bikes are designed to perform at a high level and are known for their stiffness, responsiveness and comfort, making them a great choice whether you are racing, touring or on a multi day adventure..

The Stelbel team’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is highly regarded and their frames are handcrafted in Italy using traditional methods, with each bike being built to order with meticulous care and precision.

There is something beautiful about taking a step away from buying a bike ‘off the rack’ and taking the time to create something that is truly made for you.

We are proud to ride Stelbel custom bikes and be the official Stelbel Dealer for Australia and New Zealand..

The Frames

Steel is at the heart of Stelbel’s frames – not just because of tradition, but also because they believe it offers undeniable advantages when it comes to tailoring a hand-built bike for each rider’s needs. All new frames revive Stelio’s aesthetics and unique methods, while also combining them with the latest technological advances. TIG Welding remains at the core of the new Stelbel range, with frames built one at a time, always to measure. 

All our experience and values refined into an ambitious project. The first steps towards the realization of a Stelbel titanium frame took shape at the end of the 80s but only today was it possible to find the resources to bring it to fruition. High Italian craftsmanship combined with a precious material that requires skills and specialist knowledge for production.

The Disc version of our first model to be made out of Grade 9 – 3Al 2.5V titanium. A project that benefits from our long experience with

manufacturing metal frames. Designed to guarantee first class performance, made with pride in Italy and exclusively tailor made.

The Stelbel Antenore is constructed with Columbus XCr stainless steel alloy tubing, and is the most exclusive frame in the Stelbel range. Designed to provide maximum comfort and increased rigidity, it is intended for intensive and professional use. The name is a tribute Stelio’s father, Antenore Belletti.

The Antenore Disc is designed to amaze. The tailor made design combined with the precious custom Columbus stainless steel XCr tubing and the safety of disc brakes help make this project truly special. It is for those in search of an exclusive product, blending artisan techniques and signature performance improved even further in its 3rd Generation.

The result of a long process focused on combining the best of Italian craftsmanship with the latest engineering research, this special “Stelio Belletti” model is now in its third and most advanced version, so we’ve named it simply the SB/03. Imagined, designed, engineered and built to compete at the highest level.

The disc brake version of SB/03 designed to compete at the highest level. The adoption of thru axles and specific tubing to manage the forces from disc brakes, further increase lateral stiffness and reactivity to rider input.

The Rodano is the result of a long development process. This frame is expertly designed and constructed with high performance Columbus steel tubing and welded using Stelbel’s favoured TIG method. The Rodano is a fully customizable performance road frame built for those who love long rides and spend hours in the saddle.

The Rodano is our endurance model. Combined with disc brakes and with increased tire clearance, the inherent comfort and stability is improved. A fantastic ride quality has always been the great strength of the Rodano. It is ideal for those who spend a lot of time in the saddle and love the ride feel that only steel can offer.

The Nina XCr is the Stelbel interpretation of the fast Gravel bike designed for all riders who want to pair performance and off-road capabilities. With a tire clearance of up to 700 x 42c, a fully custom geometry and a wide variety of custom options such as additional mounts and threads the Nina XCr is ready to go fast – on and off-road.

A model capable of adapting to a wide spectrum of terrain and situations. From asphalt to technical single tracks. Gravel, cyclocross and bikepacking. Tire clearance up to 700 x 47c or 650b x 2.1 “, fully custom geometry, and a wide choice of forks enables the Nina with a versatility difficult to find elsewhere.

Stelbel INOX is a true icon, initially presented in 1983, today it has evolved thanks to new materials and evolved technologies. With this frame, comfort and responsiveness are combined in a unique way, while the fork, the first at the moment to be made from Columbus XCr stainless steel, stands out with its control and precision when cornering.

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History of Stelbel

Stelbel was founded by craftsman and engineer, Stelio Belletti in 1973.

Born into a family of engineering genius, Stelio’s experience in motor racing and aeronautics led him to follow his vision and lifelong love of cycling, to start bicycle frame construction – however the Stelbel story started by chance.

Stelio had just bought a bike, but he didn’t like it. It was no good, he said, not even for basic chores.

There were some steel pipes in his workshop, thick and heavy but fit for purpose. The TIG welder was hardly ever off the shop floor, the surface plate was used regularly, and when it came to metalwork, the skill of Stelio and his father, Antenore, was well-known. So when they decided to make a bicycle, it didn’t even take a day. There, in a workshop in Rodano, just outside of Milan, the first “Telaio Belletti” was born in 1973. From there, it took almost two years for that first Belletti prototype to become a real Stelbel. Stelio was a mechanical engineer by trade, and so could only devote what little free time he had after work hours to realise his dream.

In those days, steel pipes for bicycle frames were only produced with lugged junctions in mind. TIG welding, Stelio’s method of choice, needed something else. Something better. Pipes and techniques were modified. Special chassis were built from scratch. Unique solutions were developed – the famous Stelbel fork crown being just one example. And then, there was the new construction method: TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. It’s a process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld – something that no one in the cycling world had done before. Thanks to his experience in the aeronautical world, however, Stelio was an obvious innovator. Stelbel’s final prototype was called “Integrale”, a name that emphasised the frame’s unique design and the modern, innovative elements that distinguished it from everything else on the market. In the absence of lugs, the frame looked as if it was all one piece. Its integrated characteristics and peculiarities were described in an eight-page document that was presented to the Italian Patent and Trademark Office on 10 July, 1975.

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Why Custom?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to order a custom made bike:

1. Personalisation: A custom made bicycle can be tailored to your exact preferences and needs. This can include the frame size and geometry, component selection and aesthetic design, as well as match your ride characteristics. With a custom bike, you can have a bike that fits you perfectly and meets all your unique requirements.

2. Performance: A custom made bicycle can be designed to optimise your performance. This can include selecting components that are specific to your riding style and the frame can also be designed to provide optimal handling and power transfer.

3. Comfort: A custom made bicycle can be designed to maximise comfort. This can include selecting components that are comfortable and best suited to you, such as the saddle and handlebars, and designing the frame’s geometry to provide a comfortable riding position.

4. Durability: A custom made bicycle can be built with high-quality materials and components that are designed to last. This can include using materials such as titanium or carbon fibre that are known for their durability and strength. Stelbel uses Columbus Tubing because they believe they are the best in the business.

5. Aesthetics: A custom made bicycle can be designed to meet your aesthetic preferences. This can include choosing specific colours or finishes, or incorporating unique design elements into the bike.

Overall, ordering a custom made bicycle can provide you with a bike that is perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences. While custom bikes can be more expensive than some mass produced bikes, the benefits of having a bike that fits you perfectly and performs optimally are worth the investment.

All Stelbel Frames are designed in Bergamo and are proudly Made in Italy.

There are several reasons why a custom made bicycle can be better than a mass produced bicycle of the shop floor

1. Fit: A custom made bicycle will be tailored to fit your exact measurements, ensuring maximum comfort and performance. In contrast, mass produced bicycles are made to fit a range of riders, meaning that they may not fit any individual rider perfectly.

2. Materials: Custom made bicycles can be made from higher quality materials than mass produced bicycles. For example, a custom made bicycle might be made from titanium, carbon fibre, or high-end steel, while a mass produced bicycle might be made from lower quality materials. It is always worth ensuring you understand exactly which materials are being used.

3. Components: A custom made bicycle can be built with high-end components that are selected to meet your specific needs and preferences. In contrast, mass produced bicycles may come with lower-end components that are not as durable or efficient. Again, always ask exactly which components are being used.

4. Design: A custom made bicycle will be designed to meet your riding style and preferences. For example, the frame geometry can be optimised for climbing, descending, racing or a balanced mix of each.

5. Made to Measure: The custom bike will actually be designed for you, rather than a shop needing to move a bike and retro-fitting you to a frame that is potentially either too big or too small.

Overall, a custom made bicycle offers the rider a unique and personalised experience that cannot be matched by a mass produced bicycle.

Ordering a custom-made bicycle can be a great way to own a bike that fits you perfectly and meets your specific needs and preferences.

1. Research: Start by researching the different materials and processes. Look for builders who have experience building bikes that are similar to what you are looking for and have a good reputation for quality and reliability.

2. Define your needs: Consider what kind of riding you will be doing, your preferred riding position, and any specific features or components you want on your bike. This information will help the builder create a bike that is tailored to your needs.

3. Contact Us: Start a conversation with us about your needs and we will share with you information about the next steps and work with you to write up a brief for the builder. We have good experience in assisting riders to have their dream bike built with high quality briefs. Check out our testimonials.

4. Design and customisation: Work with the team to refine the build specification, including the frame material, geometry, components, and finishes. This may involve multiple iterations and discussions to ensure that the bike meets your expectations.

5. Payment and production: Once the design has been finalised, you will typically pay a 50% deposit to start production. The team will then begin building your bike, which can take up to several months.

6. Delivery: When the bike is complete, the bike will typically be shipped to you.

The process of ordering a custom-made bicycle can be a rewarding experience, but it requires patience, research and clear communication. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and provide as much information as possible to ensure that your custom bike meets your needs and expectations.

There are several benefits to riding a steel bicycle:

1. Comfort: Steel is known for its ability to absorb road vibrations, making it a comfortable material to ride on. This can be especially beneficial for riders who spend a lot of time in the saddle, and on rough or uneven roads.

2. Durability: Steel is a strong and durable material. Steel frames can withstand the wear and tear of regular use, and can last for many years with proper maintenance.

3. Customisation: Steel can be easily manipulated and welded, making it a popular material for a custom bike. This allows you to customise your bike to meet your preferences.

4. Affordability: Steel is often less expensive than other materials, such as carbon fibre or titanium. This can make steel bicycles a more affordable option.

5. Classic style: Steel bicycles have a classic look. The material has been used to build bicycles for decades, and many riders appreciate the timeless design and aesthetic.

A steel bicycle can offer you a comfortable, durable, customisable, and affordable bike.

The cost of a custom bicycle can vary widely depending on several factors, including the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the components selected. Generally speaking, a custom bicycle can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.
Some factors that can influence the cost of a custom bicycle include:

1. Frame materials: The materials used to build the frame can have a significant impact on the cost of the bike. For example, titanium and stainless steel frames tend to be more expensive than steel or aluminium frames.

2. Component selection: The components selected for the bike can also impact the cost. High-end components such as carbon fiber wheels and top-of-the-line groupsets can add to the overall cost of the bike.

3. Customisation: The level of customisation and complexity of the design can also impact the cost of the bike. For example, intricate paint jobs and unique design elements can add to the cost.

4. Labor costs: The time and expertise required to design and build a custom bicycle can also contribute to the cost. Custom bike builders often have specialised skills and knowledge that command a premium price.

The cost of a custom bicycle is largely dependent on your specific requirements and preferences. It is important to work closely with us to ensure that your bike meets your needs and budget.

Yes, you can collect your bike in Italy, however it will attract the 22% VAT charge. The VAT is exempt if your bike is delivered to you outside of Italy.

Stelbel guarantees that all work has been done in a careful and consistent manner to promise the highest quality and make sure that your frame is the best it can possibly be.

The general warranty on Stelbel products is 5 years, and on the quality and integrity of steel and stainless steel frame welds, Stelbel offers a lifetime guarantee. These guarantee terms are applicable only to the original owner of the frame.

Each Stelbel frame will be accompanied with an official document to certify the originality and will summarise the unique product’s specific details.

In the unfortunate event of theft or an accident that requires the replacement of the frame, Stelbel offers attractive conditions on the purchase of replacement frames to all Stelbel customers.


a rider on a Custom made stelbel bicycle


As all cyclists know, buying a new road bike is a very personal decision and can take many hours of research. In my situation, this process was made so much easier and effortless with the help of Damian, Stelbels Australian agent. After briefly discussing the purchase for a custom made Italian steel bike during an A’qto tour in the Victorian highlands, I did a little research on the history and models available from Stelbel. I decided that I wanted their Inox stainless steel model which is similar to bikes they produced in the 1980’s. From here on Damians help and advice was invaluable. He organised a quote with various suggestions and advice on the components which made some previously difficult decisions much easier. A very comprehensive list of measurements and what I wanted to get out of my new bike were forwarded to Stelbel who then produced a very detailed drawing for my approval.

The total build took +- 8 months and I was fortunate to collect my new bike from Stelbel in Bergamo Italy. Damian arranged a meeting with Andrea at their factory which made the experience very special. I was then able to use my new bike on an eight day A’qto bike tour with Damian. Most cyclist will tell you taking an unknown new bike up and down mountains for the first time can be risky, however after one or two adjustments I can honestly say I could not have been happier on the Stelbel. Post tour Damian drove hundreds of Km’s out of his way to return my bike to Stebel in Bergamo where it was packed and air freighted to my Australian address. “Going the extra mile” is Damian’s forte. My Stelbel is now my preferred bike….it’s just magnificent to ride!
Andrew S – Inox

The most difficult decision in ordering my custom built Stelbel was choosing the model. I went for the Antenore which is simply stunning. Ordering was easy, sizing was perfect and putting it together, when it arrived (around 9 months due to Covid lockdowns), was like assembling a piece of artwork. Steel frame is phenomenal – you will see no welding evidence. The bike is quite light (in fact no heavier with Campag Super Record and Shamal Wheels than most carbon aero bikes). Lean it against the wall at your coffee shop and it’s the bike that gets the most attention. Simply beautiful to ride and look at!
Martin B – Antenore

In mid 2019, I decided to purchase a custom made Stelbel Rodano.  I was also planning on doing a Tour of Tuscany in June 2020 and I knew the custom build would take several months, so I completed an order with my measurements and was on target to have a new custom built Stelbel Rodano awaiting my arrival in Tuscany.   But as we all know the world went into a 2 and 1/2 year hiatus due to Covid-19. 

So what became of my eagerly awaited Stelbel? No problem. My Stelbel was completed and airfreighted to me in Sydney in August 2020, was easily put together and after a quick bike fit, I was off.

In June 2022, I packed up my Stelbel and finally was able to do the Tour of Tuscany. My bike rode perfectly. Travelling was easier than anticipated and packing and unpacking my bike was a breeze.  The fear of damage was greatly diminished as “Steel is Real” and the bike is only a kilo heavier than my carbon bike.

The whole process through Damian, (the Australian Dealer for Stelbel) was easy, and Damian having a personal connection with the factory meant the lines of communication were clear, nothing was lost in translation. No question was too silly, and in the end when I had a couple of late specification changes, there was no drama.
Therese – Rodano

How to Order

When ordering your new Stelbel Custom Bike, we help guide you through the whole process.

As the Stelbel Dealer for Australia and New Zealand, we work very closely with you and with the team at Stelbel to not only ensure that your bike is designed for your style of riding, made perfectly to measure and aesthetically beautiful, we also help with navigating the process of having it shipped and landed at your door, hassle free – with everything taken care of for you.

To start the ball rolling, complete the form below and advise the frame that you are interested in. We’ll then contact you to guide you through the next steps and assist in completing the full build specifications.

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