Dolomites & Prosecco Road: Neighbouring Areas, Distinctly Different Experiences

Three riders descending on the Sella Ronda route

Unparalleled landscapes, diversity and beauty that enchants the senses in all seasons; the Dolomites & Prosecco Road regions are paradises for anyone that appreciates the wonders of nature. For those adventurous enough to participate in our Dolomites & Prosecco Road Tour, these neighbouring areas provide two beautiful, yet quite distinct experiences, making them perfect counterparts for those looking to fully immerse themselves in the awe of the Dolomites and grandeur of Prosecco Road’s undulating hills.

With that in mind, let’s take a moment to appreciate what sets these two areas apart, and what you have to look forward to when seeing them for yourself on our Dolomites cycling tours.

A rider cycling to the top of Passo Sella

The Dolomites: A Natural Paradise

Comprising of 350,000 acres of verdant forests, sweeping valleys, jagged rock faces and more, the Dolomites or Dolomiti make up a portion of the Northern Italian Alps. This fascinatingly well-preserved countryside is filled with a variety of towns and villages, connecting a plethora of dialects, languages, and customs. With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that the Dolomites was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009.

On the topic of languages and customs, the high level of cultural variety in this region can be partially attributed to changes in territory. Prior to World War I, Trentino and South Tyrol were actually part of Austria. This is why approximately 75% of the population within these regions speak German and/or Ladin as a first language. Rest assured however, the Italian culture and language is still very much an integral part of life in this part of the world.

two women watch how cheese is made in the Dolomites

For those looking to experience the Dolomites, there are many options. The high summits and stunning scenic vistas make the roads in the region especially popular for cycling, and of course the off road paths provide fantastic hiking opportunities for our non riding guests. Our Tour of the Dolomites & Prosecco Road takes in all the very best of these adventure filled roads and Dolomites cycling climbs over 5 days across Alta Badia and around Cortina, while also incorporating a slightly different taste of the Italian countryside for 3 days, with Prosecco Road providing a riding and cultural experience not to be missed, just two hours away.

A group of cyclists riding along Prosecco road on a cycling holiday

Prosecco Road: A Taste of Timelessness

Stretching out between the distinctive architecture of Conegliano and the winding streets of Valdobbiadene, La Strada del Prosecco, or Prosecco Road, is one of Italy’s undiscovered gems, seemingly remaining a mystery to the average traveller and cyclist. Known primarily for the prosecco produced in the region, Prosecco Road’s abundance of rustic vineyards provide a unique backdrop to anyone passing through.  Stunning, unspoiled natural beauty is punctuated with beautifully cultivated geometrical rows of vines, creating an air of timelessness which delights our guests, both riders and non-riders alike.

Along with the surrounding beauty, this sense of timelessness and authenticity is also present in the wineries themselves. On tour, we aim to curate intimate experiences with winemakers and artisans across the region, recognising the deep history and traditions of winemaking in the Veneto, and visiting family run businesses that have been making wine for hundreds of years. The wine tastings can be much less formal, allowing you to often meet with those that have taken part in the creation of the wine.

A castle tour in Veneto

Prosecco Road offers an entirely different perspective on Italy’s natural beauty. The bucolic landscapes melt together with idyllic agriculture, bringing riders and non riders to an area that is tranquil and feels somewhat out of step with the contrasting surrounds of the highly industrious Veneto region. All in all, an ideal backdrop for an eight day tour that will be remembered for many years to come. Both the Dolomites and Prosecco Road are stunning examples of Italy’s natural beauty and shouldn’t be missed by anyone looking to fully immerse themselves in some of the most incredible areas in Italy to ride, eat and drink great wine.

If you’re looking for a rewarding challenge, visit our Dolomites & Prosecco Road cycling tour page. With tours scheduled across some of Italy’s most awe-inspiring regions, it is the perfect way to experience this beauty and culture first-hand.

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