Planning a cycling holiday in Spring 2020?

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While 2020 hasn’t quite been the year we all planned, it is turning out to be a year of reflection, change, of setting new goals and plans, and for many in Victoria right now in particular, it is a time to think about some of the things we’ll do once restrictions ease, post lockdown.  For us, we’re looking forward to hosting our local Cycling and Gourmet Escapes to the beautiful regional towns of Daylesford and Bright over the Australian Spring / Summer and doing what we love most – enjoying incredible cycling, food and wine with wonderful people who share our passion.  We’re also always staying focused and hopeful on heading back to Italy in 2021 to host our Italian cycling holidays.

What are you planning? Is an Australian or Italian cycling holiday on your list?

As part of all of our planning and to give cyclists and their non riding partners something to look forward to in the upcoming months in Australia, we have been actively promoting and raising the awareness of our local Cycling and Gourmet Escapes.

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We took the wonderful opportunity last Saturday 25th July 2020 to participate in an interview with 3AW’s A Moveable Feast – this is a very entertaining hour of travel and food hosted by Ross Stevenson, Kate Stevenson and other radio celebrities each Saturday, showcasing the very best of food and travel, while exploring unique locations, accommodation and characters. Last Saturday, as hosts Ross and Stephen Quartermain spoke to listeners about the first thing they will do post lockdown, they also reflected on their own dreams, with Ross’s being a trip to Scotland and Stephen’s being a trip to Italy, which he was supposed to do in March 2020. Stephen’s personal expectation is that he won’t get to do the trip he had planned until March 2022, but spoke of how important it is to have something to aim for, and to enjoy all the planning and anticipation along the way.

We are hopeful that we’ll be running a number of our cycling tours in Italy in 2021 and most certain that like Stephen Quartermain is planning for 2022, our 2022 tours calendar will fill in no time as people long to get back to international travel.

In the meantime, we’ll be making the most of our local Australian cycling holidays so if you’re planning a post lockdown getaway and are keen to join us in either Daylesford or Bright in late 2020, take a look at our tours as only a few spots remain available.

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