Ride a Different Ride

Two riders cycling in the open country landscape of Bright


What does it mean? Why do I ride?
Why do I do anything I do?

I do it because I love it.
I want to and I need to.
I ride for the space.
In an increasingly complicated and crowded world, it is becoming harder and harder to find space and solitude.

Cycling, it’s my more active form of meditation.
Whether I am in a group or riding solo, it is the repetitive rhythm, vulnerability, speed, fragility, and freedom that gives me the endorphin high.
It clears my head and helps me get through the day.
It inspires me and fires me.

In the dark and empty city streets of a week day morning, I am a phantom rolling through the streets, with other people wrapped up and sound asleep.
I am part of the dawn patrol.

But I long for the deserted country roads with the sun beating down, the jersey open and a smile on my face.
This is why I ride.

Rolling with my mates.
With my dad.
In the drops.
Head down.
Working up a thirst.
Six beers and a big steak.
10hrs sleep.
And doing it all again and again.

My ride is different, because it’s my ride.
It may not be unique, but I am true to myself.
There is passion, intensity and a personal physical and mental challenge.
There is not a “win at all cost ” mentality.
Be true and


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