Rolling Indoors: 4 reasons why it’s part of our new normal

a wahoo kickr in front of a frame filled with Gran Fondo ride numbers

As the current situation develops and the gradual easing of restrictions in each state unfolds, everyone has different circumstances and a different way of responding to the news and changes.

For us, we’ll be spending our first winter in Melbourne in some years, and with the forced introduction of the indoor trainer some weeks ago, riding indoors will be a consistent part of our ‘new normal’, along with the great outdoors, once the crisis has cleared.

While our preference of course is to ride outside and on quiet country roads that may turn into gravel at some point, or lead to an interesting climb, for now we’re sticking with indoor riding and here’s our 5 reasons why.


a mountain scene from the Rouvy cycling app

1.Mountains on your Doorstep

Walk out the front door and into the cave, and you can complete a quick spin of 34k’s with a beautiful 875m of elevation. Not only are the visuals great, but so is the challenge provided by our favourite smart app, Rouvy.

You just can’t do that easily from the centre of Melbourne.


2. Timing is everything

The good thing about riding indoor is the flexibility it offers. Being able to slot a ride session into your timetable amongst work and other commitments, or rejig the time if something comes up.

For us, this means having the opportunity to ride for 1.5 hours at 4.30 in the afternoon, with no traffic. This is always a big plus.


a scene of an Italian lake from the Rouvy app

3. Viva Italia

If I squeeze my eyes shut and solely focus on the screen, I am transported to the other side of the world and can be climbing in the Dolomites, rolling along the Amalfi Coast, or riding through Tuscany on the Strade Bianche, keeping the spirit and dream alive.

Having actually ridden a few of these routes, the memories bubble to the surface as I’m spinning away. Bellissimo.

4. How’s the Weather?

It’s safe to say that Melbourne has some very unpredictable weather. However, now having the trainer means I’ll have the luxury to pick and choose when I ride. If the weather is good, it will be outdoors and into the country to ride with mates and clients, or if the weather’s bad, I’ll stay inside and roll away, while the Antarctic winds blow through.

It’s great having the option and with the shared ride on Rouvy making for a pretty cool experience, indoors is not such a bad option at all. We hosted our first group ride last week and it was good fun.

While riding for us is all about exploring, freedom and challenge in the outdoors, this crisis has certainly shown that you can still stay connected to riding and your mates, even if you can’t get onto the tarmac, or choose not to.





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