Since meeting the Stelbel guys in 2016, we’ve always loved what they do and so on our recent stay in Italy, we managed to catch up for a ride with the team.

We all made our way to Piemonte where we experienced the magic of a warm Autumn day.

We were in for a surprise as Andrea and Alessandro arrived with a van full of Stelbel bikes. There were a coupe of SB/03’s and one with the new Campagnolo disc, the Antenore, the Rodano and the results of a new, yet to be released project.

This was like Christmas in October and a ‘show and tell’ all rolled into one.

The Stelbel frames are beautifully made with a refined style, and with all the components being other Italian marques, you end up with a quintessentially Italian piece of art.

It is a brand that I have an affinity with … built in 1973 and with a foundation of innovation, they produce bicycle frames in a traditional way; innovating, experimenting, going against the current trend. This is what Stelio did with the Stelbel brand in the past and what Stelbel continues to do now.

Steel is real, is definitely something that they get and live by.

It is a rare occasion that you get to try a new bike, let alone have the option of trying different models within the one collection.

But that is just what unfolded…..we had our own private Stelbel bike day.

After setting up the bikes and drooling over the new models, it was time to get on the bikes and ride.

We wound our way around and then up and down the many vine clad hills in the vicinity of Barbaresco.

The terrain in Piemonte is prefect for riding; tiny back roads, no traffic and spectacular scenery, and this was dialled up even further as the foliage was starting to turn all shades of yellow, orange and red.

We passed little hamlets, ancient wineries and rolled over the cobblestones of hill top towns, on our way to a little trattoria and a late lunch of antipasti and ice cold birre.

New bikes, quite roads, warm weather and cold beer…. this was just another perfect day.

If you join us on one of our Italian Cycling Tours and would like to hire a bike, you’ll have the choice of riding a new Stelbel as they are one of our preferred Bike Partners.