Tommasini: An Iconic Bike Brand That Lives On

Vintage steel tommasini against a stone wall

Tommasini is another marque in Italian cycling, with a long history.

They are renowned for producing bikes that are both beautiful to ride and admire.
One of these should be part of any serious collection.

Tommasini Bike frames in their showroom

Hailing from the Tuscan town of Grosseto, Irio Tommasini started the business in 1948 and was a successful racer before going on to become a master frame builder.

We just “happened” to be in the neighbourhood of Tommasini one afternoon and decided that we should pop in for a visit.

tommasini logo and bike frame

The premises are a beautiful mix of modern shop, museum, factory and brand HQ, all rolled into one.

Bike building tools on a bench at Tommasini

We were fortunate enough to be given a tour where we heard about the production process, and learnt about some of the brand’s history, while seeing the inner workings of where the magic happens.

A vintage steel tommasini bike with a pantographed stem

The close up details of a vintage steel Tommasini bike

We saw new bikes and we saw old bikes.

Close up details on a vintage steel tommasini

And it was seriously amazing that I left empty handed.

Bike frames being built in the Tommasini workshop

What I love about the Tommasini story is that an iconic Italian frame builder has passed the business and the artisan workmanship mentality down to the next generation, with his 2 daughters now running the business. They have a strong connection to what was created by their father and his ethos. While we were with the family, they mentioned how often they are approached by large entities to buy their brand…. but they say “and then what”.

Tommasini bicycle forks

What happens to the history, the quality and legacy?
And what do they then do?

This is a company that is not after a fast buck, but a brand with the history and passion to produce handmade works of art, for a global audience of aficionados.
And they do it well.

My Tommasini

I was doing a little “research” online and stumbled across a particular website, and as the stars aligned I found a beautiful 1983 Tommasini with a 57 frame looking back at me. It was in great condition, the price was good, the gruppo was full Gipiemme so a little different to my others fitted with Campagnolo. A little back and forth with Giuseppe and the deal was done.

I collected the machine in Montalcino on the eve of the Primavera edition of L’Eroica last year. When seeing it for the first time, it was love at first sight, surpassing the photos that were online. After doing a few little measurement adjustments and tightening a few bolts, we were ready to roll.

I’ve now ridden two L’Eroica’s on my Tommasini; the smoothness, the handling… it’s just a dream to ride.



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