What makes Tuscany, just so good?

Tuscany is a beautiful and special place. There is an ease to the way and pace of life that touches you when you’re here, and stays with you when you’re not. Some of the many elements that help create this ambience are the landscapes, tastes and warmth of the people.

We selected the Chianti region as our HQ after falling in love with these very elements – and being welcomed with open arms. Spending more time here and having a deeper appreciation and understanding of the food and wine culture, the landscapes and endless number of beautiful small backroads for riding, and the artisans still producing a spectacular array of handmade brilliance every day, is what we love sharing with you on our Tour of Tuscany – and here we share with you some of the highlights of this very special cycling and gourmet tour.


The landscape is utterly unique and without question, it gets beneath your skin.
In each and every season, there is an unquantifiable quality that takes you away and leaves you with lasting visions of the rolling hills, the castles and hilltop hamlets, the patchwork of olive groves and Sangiovese vines, the cypress lined roads and the distant hills and mountains, in faded shades of blues and violets.


Where to begin….

The tastes of the region are sublime and with so many good things to sample, your food adventure starts in the morning and flows through the day – all day, every day.

  • La Torta della Nonna…A creamy lemon-scented custard in a sweet pastry shell, topped with crunchy pine nuts. It’s the cake of the region and a must try with an espresso at breakfast in Chianti, as it’s home made by Patrizia
  • The fennel seed laden Finocchiona salami can’t be missed and with a little pane or bread, is the perfect breakfast on the run or addition to your lunchtime panino.
  • La Ribollita; a bread, bean and autumn vegetable soup that is a mainstay of the Tuscan autumn and winter cuisine, and simply delicious.
  • Crostini di Fegatini, a not to be missed chicken liver pate, especially when made by Andrea.
  • Panzanella; the famous salad of bread, tomatoes, onion and basil….when seeped in deliciously local olive oil, wow what a taste sensation during the Summer.
  • Bistecca alla Fiorentina, decadent and with so much tradition. Enjoy cooking it with us on tour.
  • Pecorino Toscano makes its way onto every cheese plate and whether fresh or staggionato (aged), it is best enjoyed with a glass of crisp white wine at aperitivo.
  • Pici pasta con ragu, this delicious and thicker hand rolled pasta is awesome when added to a rich ragu, and is the perfect mid ride lunch.
  • Porcini, the king in the Italian mushroom world, served with potatoes, in pasta, in risotto or simply fried with salt and pepper.
  • Panforte, riciarelli, cantucci….whichever is your biscotti or sweet tradition of choice, these are great with an espresso at any time of the day, or a vin santo after dinner.

The list can go on….

All in all, the cuisine reflects the perfect balance between nature, the environment and long standing production processes and traditions – all serving to protect the quality of produce.


There seems to be a never ending flow of undulating tarmac which joins the little hamlets to the big towns, and as you climb and descend, you see snapshot after snapshot of the most perfect postcard vistas.

Picking the right road is key. Do this and you’ll experience a day on the bike with very little traffic and get to enjoy the free flowing and open descents that you’ll continue to dream about for years to come.


The people are what drew us to settling here and when you experience this warmth, you’ll understand just what we mean. It’s ultimately what travel is all about…being immersed into the lives of the warm and open-hearted locals, learning about and sensing their way of life.

Whether it’s over breakfast in the morning or sharing an amazing home cooked feast and conversation around the dinner table, from the time you arrive on tour with us, you’ll feel like you’re part of the family.


Learn from the keepers of the culinary secrets who are just so happy to share their knowledge with anyone who wants to learn…… If you’re into food and cooking, being able to return home with new recipes and new ways of doing things in the kitchen, after having learned from the nonna’s, is all just part of what you’ll take away from being on tour with us in Tuscany.


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It’s one thing for us to tell you what you can possibly experience. It’s another thing when a fellow guest shares their experience of actually having been on tour. Click the link below to read some testimonials from guests who have already enjoyed the magic of Tuscany with us.

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