Experience Italian quality and craftsmanship with Custom Cycling Kit, designed for Australian Cyclists

Ride Italian Quality In 45 Days Guaranteed

When you’re an avid cyclist, it’s essential that your kit feels great, hour after hour after hour. This is why we at A’qto Cycling are dedicated to ensuring that every piece in our custom cycling clothing collection comprises the finest elements of style, quality and comfort. Our products are all made in Italy by craftsmen with cycling in their veins and pride in every piece they produce. The end result is long lasting quality, made from people who understand that whichever climate you live in Australia, or level of riding or racing you do, you and your group want to look and feel your best when you’re on your bike.

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Product Range

custom cycling clothing

Custom cycling apparel to fit different groups, individuals and budgets.

We recognise that no two groups are identical, whether it be your needs, style or budget. We also recognise that determining quality, and understanding technical fabrics and chamois can be a minefield.

That’s why we’ve set up our collection into 4 distinct product ranges to make it easy for you to choose, based on your needs and budget. We’ll help you get the best value for your money with a custom cycling kit design that your group loves wearing, and a level of craftsmanship and quality that feels great and lasts – whichever range you select.



Custom cycling kit technology to guarantee you comfort and durability

We partner with a range of family run Italian businesses for the production of our custom cycling team kits – partners who combine cutting edge technologies with generations of craftsmanship.  For these businesses, it’s not just a production line, it’s a personal and long term commitment to what they know, believe in and stand for.

From the fabrics, chamois and components used, through to the innovations, upgrades and level of customization available for each product in our collection, it’s about providing you with flexible options, and most of all, superior comfort on your bike.

custom cycling clothing


team cycling jerseys

Our Reputation is Your Guarantee

We’ve built our reputation over 10 years, garment-by-garment and delivery-by-delivery. When we say we’ll do something, it happens.

We turn around designs within 24 hours and kit production in 45 days. Guaranteed.

This certainty of delivery, together with our communications with you at every step in the process, means you can feel confident relying on our service. It’s our guarantee to you and your group.



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