Superior breathability and performance

The fabrics used for our custom cycling kits are all Italian made, and are selected for their specific technical attributes to increase your comfort and performance while riding. Fabric mills we work with include:

  • MITI: for warp-knit fabrics used in high compression lycra’s for bib shorts, and highly breathable, carbon infused fabrics for jerseys
  • eVent: for superior waterproof and windproof fabrics which breathe, used for many of our jackets and gilets, and outerwear garments
  • Ittai: water resistant and windproof fabrics, also made by eVent and offering diversity to our range of gilets and jackets
  • ZeroWind: offering one of the standout windproof membranes on the market, ZeroWind fabrics are used across our range for gilets and jackets, and where superior warmth is required


Carbon micro-holed fabrics deliver superior breathability and performance.

  • Carbon infused to assist moisture wicking and breathability.

  • High level of stretch provides improved comfort and durability.

  • Lightweight and perfect in all year warm climates.

A fabric by MITI with carbon infused fabric qualities.

  • Carbon weave fabric delivers superior breathability and performance.

  • Stretch characteristics which ensure a snug fit, always.

  • Soft on the skin and providing all round comfort.

A textured fabric often used in combination with our carbon infused, weaved and microholed fabrics.

  • Tight fitting and highly breathable, assisting your comfort and performance.

  • Textured and durable this fabric makes for a great combination fabric in a jersey.

  • Italian engineered specifically for anatomic fits and race cut jerseys.

A carbon microholed fabric from MITI delivering superior breathability.

  • Carbon micro-holed fabric which is highly breathable.

  • Lightweight and perfect for summer riding, and warm climates.

  • Full stretch capacity provides maximum movement and comfort.

A super lightweight lycra providing high levels of stretch and breathability.

  • Tiny micro-holes assist with breathability and comfort while riding.

  • Highly elastic and providing all way stretch capabilities.

  • Lightweight and durable makes it the perfect fabric for racing.

Our most durable fabric, this is used across all types of riding groups as an all round, high quality fabric.

  • Soft on the skin this fabric offers superb comfort.

  • High breathability and moisture wicking capacity, keeping you dry and comfortable.

  • Durable and long lasting this fabric is a great performer.


We have chosen to use Italian-made MITI® Shield Endurance Lycra in the base and body of all of our printed bib shorts and skinsuits because it provides outstanding covering characteristics, even in white. It also performs exceptionally well on the bike with its compactness, balanced multidirectional elasticity and high compression.

  • High density, polyester/elastane fabric with a compact construction to aid comfort and block see-through

  • Highly breathable and has a UV protection of 50+.

  • Prints exceptionally well and is the best fabric for absorbing Italian quality inks.

We have chosen to use Italian-made MITI® Zaffiro W Lycra in the base and body of all of our shorts because it has an extremely high resistance to pilling with a rating of 2 300 300 on the martindale scale.

  • High compression fabric offering complete comfort on the bike.

  • Superior saddle contact characteristics with highest anti-pilling and anti abrasion resistance ratios.

  • Black dyed and the best fabric for non-printed designs, or areas mostly in contact with the saddle


  • Micro-holed mesh fabric delivers breathability and comfort.

  • Stretch capacity at just the right level, holding its shape and firmness while stretching with your body.

  • High ventilation ensures moisture is getting out and supporting jersey fabrics to perform.


Regarded as the ultimate outerwear fabric in the high performance cycling apparel industry for its unique waterproof and windproof performance characteristics, together with maximum breathability.

  • eVent Puma Microwave and Puma Square are a couple of the eVent fabrics used in our collection.

  • ePTFE membrane has millions of tiny pores to allow moisture vapour to pass through immediately, keeping you dry from the inside.

  • Direct Venting Technology lets the sweat out in a rapid one-step process, so you won’t feel cold or clammy.

Lightweight and high performing on the windproof and water resistance capacities, this fabric is mostly used in our gilets.

  • Gravity One fabric is a 3 layer fabric with high quality membrane to drive moisture out, while blocking wind and rain coming in.

  • Lightweight and compact making it easy to pack into your back jersey pockets is required

  • Good quality stretch capacity for a membrane encased fabric, making it comfortable to wear on long rides.

We use ZeroWind fabrics for their superior windproofing membranes and high stretch capacities.

  • Superior windproof membranes are layered between the inner and outer layer fabrics providing maximum performance

  • A wide range of fabrics from transparent lightweight wind breakers to heavier, warm winter jackets are made with the ZeroWind performance technology

  • High stretch capacities allow for maximum movement on the bike, guaranteeing you comfort


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