From Italian Kit to Italian Cycling Tours

This is not what you were expecting.

While this is not the page you were expecting to land on, we thought that we would take the time to share with you why you are here and not seeing what you were expecting.

In 2007 we started the business with clothing and evolved into Italian made cycling kit. While we still make cycling kit for our tours, we have turned to where our passion lies, and that is in Italy, where we now find ourselves living for 6 months of the year running cycling tours that traverse the breadth of Italy; getting behind the tourist curtain and sharing the amazing roads, food, wine and culture with people wanting a more immersive experience that they will remember forever.

We still have a few items for sale and you can click on the image below to see, them as well as a link to see our Italian tours and also a little more about us.

About Us

Our Italian Tours

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