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With everyone trying to create a point of difference and be unique, the word ‘quality’ has become overused to the point where you now ask yourself, what does it actually mean anyway?

We recently took some time to think about quality in the context of what we do and deliver, from a product and experience perspective.

For us, it really comes down to a simple message of ‘no shortcuts.’ If there is a way to do something, take the time to do it right – do the research, test the product, try the trattoria, recce the route. It also means pushing further, like riding an extra 20km over undulating terrain, just so that you can have an amazing descent.

Below is a snapshot of some of the areas where we bring in detail and quality to the different parts of A’QTO.

Sourcing Vintage Hire Bikes for L’Eroica

L’Eroica is a very special experience, made even better by riding a good quality bike.
We source vintage steel bikes to fit the individual measurements of our guests.  No mean feat with vintage bike hiring but we tap into multiple sources to make sure the L’Eroica experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

See L’Eroica Tour 2017.

Incorporating The Best Regional Food, Wine & Beer

We never stop researching and testing (this is certainly of the highlights of the job) different wine varieties, regional produce, old trattorias and new breweries such as Birra Baladin who were recently awarded the title of best brewery in Italy.

100% Italian made and unique production methods.  We’ll be swinging past “Casa Baladin’ when we ride through Piemonte on our cycling tour in October this year as we have full respect for producers like this.

See Piemonte Cycling Tour 2017

Making Homemade Produce for our Weekend Escapes

On our Weekend Escapes, we like to create a unique experience for our guests.

We take the approach of adhering to time honoured traditions so that we deliver the best possible flavour.  This ranges from cooking on charcoal, taking 50 hours to cure eggplant and zucchini for our antipasti, or making Limoncello using lemons from our own tree.

Nothing beats home grown and home made.

Formigli: Custom Made for You

The biggest comment we hear from people who ride custom made bikes is ‘why did I wait so long?’

Sure they are a little bit more expensive but the benefits of having a bike frame custom made for you far outweigh the additional upfront cost.

We’ve chosen to represent Formigli based on Renzo’s absolute attention to detail, the incredible fit and performance of his artwork.

See our Formigli Custom Bikes Range

This is what one of our guests had to say after our Italian Adventure to L’Eroica last year.
To see all of our testimonials click here.


WOW!!!!!!What a week you organised for us in Tuscany.
This is what we loved so much;
Your attitude to making sure we enjoyed every moment.
The fellow participants were great company.
The research you put into choosing the best B&B we have ever stayed at.
The restaurants you chose all offered not only first class food but stunning locations as well.
The excellent bikes that we hired(I’ve never been on such a fast descending bike)?Making sure that Lyn as a non rider also had a fantastic experience.
The cycling gear you supplied, particularly the Knicks, ensured my ride was comfortable for close to eight hours.
Thank you both so much for the experience of a lifetime.
We wish you every success with all your future cycling adventures, we are very happy to talk to anyone considering joining you on any of your adventures, so please feel free to pass on our contacts.

Brian & Lyn H

Selecting The Best Quality Craftsmen & Components for our Kit

It can be a minefield working out good kit from bad kit as fabrics and chamois can look very similar straight out of their packets.

However the test comes after long hard days on the bike, multiple washes and exposure to the elements.  Does it hold up?

We use only Italian made fabrics. chamois and craftsmen because we trust their knowhow and attention to detail…..right down to how the chamois are stitched in.

See our kit range for men and women

When ‘Custom Kit’ really means Measured to Fit

We spend a lot of our time helping Groups, Clubs and Corporates look and feel great in new team kit.

We’re proud to be introducing additional sizes in our custom kit range to cater for all the in-between body shapes and sizes.

When you order custom kit from us, we send you our full set of Try-On Kit which will now include 10 size options rather than 5 – giving you and every member of your group the best possible chance of the perfect fit.

See our custom kit offering

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