Piemonte: A Region & Ride To Remember

An aerial view of the Le Langhe landscape

The Piemonte region needs no introduction to the dedicated cyclist, with its wide range of climbs ranging from undulating hills, to longer winding roads and the epic alpine passes that border France. Despite the rewarding ride, the roads are second only to the unrelenting beauty that can be found in this agricultural, yet epicurean region. Our Piemonte cycling tour is quickly becoming one of the most popular tours in our collection due to it coinciding with La Fausto Coppi Gran Fondo. With Piemonte translated to ‘the foot of a mountain’, the name serves as a hint to its visitors of the incredible climbs and rewards for those who know where to look and are prepared to take on the adventure.

a woman cooking at a class in Piemonte

The region

With the region brimming with appeal, Piemonte still remains a mystery to many. This North-West Italian region is cradled by France and Switzerland and is known for its Autumn white truffles, wines and stunning mountains. In fact, many of Italy’s best wines are attributed to the fertile Piemonte region, driving a sophisticated dining scene that draws Italians and Europeans to its restaurants year round.

While our riders are out on road on tour, our non-riders soak up the fruits of the region with a range of activities designed to surprise and delight all interests. Play apprentice to some of Piemonte’s authentic local cooks in a class where you’ll use local produce and techniques passed down from generations. Coining the phrase and perfecting the craft of Slow Food, Piemonte artisans across the region honour their ancestors by continuing to use their traditional practices, whether that be in how cheeses are produced, hazelnuts are prepared and used, or how traditional chocolates are made. This is why our non-rider program on our Piemonte cycling tour provides the opportunity to truly immerse in the Piemonte food traditions of the region with non-riders hunting for truffles in the woods and participating in artisan cheese making and tastings. Welcome experiences and scents that are not easy to forget and can also be experienced unexpectedly across the region.

A streetscape in Alba Piemonte

Piemonte isn’t only renowned for is gastronomic qualities, but also for its history and architecture and so we get to experience the hilltop towns across Le Langhe, with the castle of Grinzane Cavour always a sight to be marvelled. We participate in educational wine tastings and at the evening meal, our guests also sample the fine wines of the region. Paired with perfection, these wines showcase the unique varieties that are familiar to the locals and which have earned a place on many esteemed wine lists across Italy and beyond, while still in some cases remaining unknown to many.

A man cycling through Le Langhe on a holiday

The ride

Covering 555km under an Italian sun in summer is always a joy on our Piemonte Cycling Tour. Every day is a challenge, with short climbs, medium climbs and double digit “pinches”. Expect daily rides through the beautiful Le Langhe wine region, cycling through the towns of Barolo, La Morra, Barbaresco, Neive, Serralunga d’Alba, and finally Cuneo where La Fausto Coppi Gran Fondo awaits. Our riders experience quiet back roads, where the narrow ribbons of tarmac weave their way through this magical Unesco wine region and its never ending climbs and exhilarating descents. With a well-earned lunch each day, the local flavours are savoured and fuel your stamina for the kilometres ahead.

Whether it be the stunning views of La Morra revealing more of itself with every rolling hill, or the snow-capped Alps unbelievable in their beauty and contrast from the agricultural lands below, over the nine day experience, our riders and non-riders alike are enriched by the beauty of this relatively unknown paradise.

The Piemonte cycling tour encapsulates the understated beauty of this Italian region, while also adding the excitement of the iconic La Fausto Coppi Gran Fondo. If you’d like to find out more about the adventures Damian has planned for riders, and the activities Nancy curates for non-riders, visit our 2020 Piemonte cycling tour page.

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