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A lady riding a bike through Puglia on a cycling Holiday


We have just returned from a wonderful 3 weeks in Italy during which time the 8 day tour of Puglia with A’QTO Cycling Tours was hands down the highlight!

Much of Puglia is still relatively unblemished by tourism and as such provides a truly authentic taste of Southern Italy. Cycling along the narrow walled laneways is magical, as is stopping to pick tasty figs gracing the side of the road! The nightly Aperitivo hour & sumptuous 4 course dinners showcasing each regions specialty, was the perfect reward for the daily kms clocked on the bike!

Damian & Nancy’s love of all things Italian shows through as does their genuine desire to ensure all guests have a truly memorable time.

A’QTO tours are perfect for those seeking to combine their love of cycling and desire to be immersed in a different culture!”

Cathy M

A couple riding their bikes on A Puglia Cycling Holiday


We had the most remarkable cycling tour of the Puglia region with A’qto.  Nancy and Damian really want everyone to have a good time and enjoy unique experiences including high quality accommodation, riding/non riding activities, food and wine.  Everything was perfect and we felt in every instance, that Nancy and Damian and our guides cared about us and went above and beyond their best to make this trip memorable.

We were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our trip and the flexibility to undertake a mix of riding and non riding activities.  Nothing was too much trouble and we were welcomed into accommodation and the selected restaurants at times more like relatives than guests.

We would definitely recommend this tour for riding and non riding partners and will be back to enjoy more experiences with Aqto.

Carmel & Steve

A group of riders on a quiet back road in Puglia


I was blown away by the whole Puglia experience & how your love & passion for Italy comes through in every part of the experience.

I was after a cycling tour but got much more. Your kind heart & generosity & the fact I now consider you both wonderful friends means I’ll be coming back for more, here in Italy and back home.


A lady riding on the cobble stone streets of Lecce


I love to cycle but, like many other riders, I worry about my limitations. On the Puglia tour of September 2019 I needn’t have worried. With the fantastic support of the AQTO team, and the encouragement of the other riders, I found myself becoming fitter and stronger to the demands of the terrain and distances.

The AQTO team had chosen outstanding routes, accommodation, eating and cultural experiences. Non-riders need never feel ignored. Thanks to the tour’s flexibility, I took two days off riding to join the non-riders to visit olive and dairy farms. I have learned the finer points of oil and mozzarella-manufacturing, and sampled some of the Puglia area’s finest produce.

Damian and Nancy are amazing hosts and, with their dedicated team, do everything possible to create a wonderful experience, with great good humour and no fuss. Their passion for Italy is infectious.


A man relaxing in a boat off Otranto


I was a non-cycling partner on the A’qto Tour of Puglia and was left wanting more; so sad to part ways with a great group of people that Nancy and Damian assembled to share their knowledge of this wonderful area. Each day Nancy unveiled a different experience for us from a cheese making factory to a 3 hour forest walk, culminating in a cooling off swim in the beautiful clear ocean.

Each night we were treated like royalty with pre-dinner drinks to culinary delights that would please the most discerning palette, accompanied by tasty wines from the local area. Everything ran smoothly and more than met my expectation as a non peddler.

I can highly recommend this fantastic experience, thanks Nancy and Damian.


A lady sitting in front of a blue door


Picturesque destinations.
Delicious local foods.
Quality local wines.
Fantastic and unique accommodation.
Interesting and varied regional activities, giving a great insight into local culture.

This is what I have experienced as a non rider with A’qto Italian riding holidays on the recent tour of Puglia and also on previous Tuscany and Giro tours.

Special thanks to Nancy and Damian for creating such memorable holidays


A woman and her bicycle in Puglia


One of my cycling buddies researched Italian Cycling Tours, and he started communicating with Nancy and Damian and was so impressed he signed up immediately and recommended the tour to me, so knowing that my friend had done due diligence on A’QTO, it was no “leap of faith” and signed up too.

Nancy and Damian are excellent communicators and no question is too hard or too silly, and their pre-tour advice and guidance is invaluable.  Their recommended pre-tour training is appropriate and puts you in great shape to do the ride, although, as the tour is fully supported there was always backup if it all became too much.  But personally with the recommended training completing the WHOLE 634km Puglia Tour is achievable.  Strangely, perhaps because I was on a hire bike, I felt compelled to do and try things I wouldn’t have normally done and really surprised myself with some new skills as my confidence grew.  Although none of the new skills involved changing a tyre or cleaning my bike at the end of a weary day, because that’s what the support crew are there for….

It was great to travel with like minded people with whom you laughed, recovered, socialised and down a few prosecco’s after an excellent days riding.   The food, wine and accommodations surpassed my expectations.  Never having to think about any of these aspects was priceless.

I travelled as a single on this occasion and if you are thinking that you can’t go on this tour alone, stop right there, sign up and you’ll find on the first day that you signed up with mates you never knew existed – hence new mates for life.

Thank you Damian and Nancy and Crew for the experience of a lifetime.


A man riding a bicycle on a cycling holiday in Puglia


A cycling holiday in Italy was always something I wanted to do and so I commenced some research into an appropriate provider.

Having settled on A’qto, and having recently returned from the Giro D’Puglia I can safely say that the experience exceeded my expectations. Everything from the route (where safety was paramount) to the accommodation, the food (and let’s not forget the magnificent regional wine) to the cultural experiences were all top shelf.

Of course this all doesn’t happen by accident and it was apparent that everything was meticulously planned to ensure that we had nothing to worry about other than taking in the breathtaking vista and enjoying the fantastic cuisine.

So if it is a cycling tour you want then Nancy, Damian and the A’qto team are the way to go.


A woman cycling on holidays in Southern italy


When I registered for A’qto’s Puglia Tour 2019, I’m not sure that I expected more than cycling through beautiful countryside and sharing, what looked to be, amazing meals with a group of like minded people for 9 days/8 nights.

What I experienced was much more fulfilling than that. It’s amazing how a group of people, who would never have otherwise crossed paths, can come together to share so much from a simple passion, that of cycling. Certainly no magic is involved. It is the passion of the A’qto team, led by Nancy and Damian and supported by two very special and charismatic Italian men, that very clearly had our best interest at heart all the way. A great team committed to catering for all levels of riders, having the patience, experience and the solutions to resolve the different challenges we threw at them, and in the most pleasant and ‘con calma’ manner, to ensure we would have wonderful experiences.

It did not take long at all for everyone to have a sense of belonging and the confidence to deal with the conditions thrown at us, regardless of the cycling skills with which we started. It did not matter if it was hail, thunder and lightening or perfectly sunny days, whether we had smooth roads or pot holes galore, floods and gravel to traverse, we were eager to get out there and cycle in those glorious conditions because we knew the A’qto team had our backs.

We also knew that the rewards were waiting and plenty. Sharing Aperol Spritz, beer or prosecco, we relaxed into dinner mode as we recounted the day’s events before being wowed by amazingly beautiful food, time and time again, over non stop laughter.

Highly recommend the experience to anyone who is even the slightest bit curious of what these tours have to offer. We all got so much more than just the great cycling through stunningly beautiful and historical landscapes.

Congratulations A’qto. The tour certainly provided more than just a taste of what Italy’s Puglia region has to offer and the cycling brought us all together to share the memorable experiences your team made possible.


A man and his bicycle in Puglia


I set out on the A’qto tour of Puglia with high expectations but I could not have dreamed of how wonderful it would actually be. The cycling through the Italian countryside was sublime and that was purely due to Damian’s finely crafted routes, but that was just the start of it. The ancillary support and organisation allowed us to experience the incredible food and culture that this part of the world has to offer. I sincerely thank you Nancy for this.

Finally, and I know it will sound like a cliche but it’s true none the less; the environment that was created allowed the group to bond so that I feel that I now have many new close friends having shared such an amazing experience. Molto bene A’qto.


A lady riding past a trullii in Puglia


I had the very great fortune to have joined Damian and Nancy on their Tour of Puglia in May 2019. I think, like a lot of people, I was pretty nervous about my ability to cope with eight straight days of riding – I am very much a social rider so not used to riding that many consecutive days at all.

Without a doubt, those eight days on the bike with a most happy and positive group of fellow riders was a challenge and absolute pleasure. We all saw and experienced the magnificence of Puglia through its varying landscapes, wonderful food and sensational accommodation.

Nancy and Damian were the most accommodating and generous hosts – their attention to detail in every aspect of our tour was greatly appreciated by all of us and I wish them continued great success with their business for many years to come.

If you love riding, food, wine and great company this is definitely the tour for you!! Without hesitation I recommend A’qto, they will offer you the best week of cycling you can imagine.

Susan E

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